Depth Retreat Work with Military, Veterans, & First Responder Communities

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In this excerpt from the interview, “Tending Soul with Military, Veterans, First Responders: A Depth Psychological Approach,” for Discussions in Depth Psychology™, Ed Tick, Ph.D. John Becknell Ph.D. discuss parameters of offering a depth psychological retreat with Military, Veterans, First Responders.When Tick Becknell considered the best place to offer a program for focusing on soul work with military first responders, was an obvious choice. is recognized as a “world center for archetypal mythological studies for going deep,” says Tick , the retreat center—in combination with ’s commitment to tending the soul of the world—makes it the perfect container in which Tick Becknell can bring archetypal work into challenging real world for warriors those who want to support them.Listen to the full interview or read an in-depth summary at more about the upcoming program, “Holistic Tending for Military, Veterans, First Responders—Psycho-spiritual Communal Support Healing of Violent Trauma, Moral Injury Stress” starting May 11, 2017, at Institute:

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