Earth, Climate, Dreams—Online Panel & Community Conversation

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Everywhere you look, our beautiful earth seems to be in peril. Our culture is in decline and potentially in danger of collapse. Climate change is critical issue that may yet become the biggest threat to the continuation of life as we know it.The way we treat our planet, often unconsciously, simply by going about our daily lives embedded in a system that is no longer sustainable, is significantly contributing to our disorder. We are all interconnected, each element in the universe a node which is defined by its relation to every other element in the cosmos--yet we often fail to realize the implications.Earth-based peoples have long tended dreams as the voice of the earth. These dreams provide insight and understanding into how to be stewards of the earth and are a powerful modality that may yet serve as our best hope to overcome apathy and give us guidance and direction.The six members of this online panel engage Jungian and depth psychology to contemplate how the unconscious in involved in our relationship to earth, climate, and dreams.Panelists include:Bonnie Bright, PhDSusannah Benson, PhDSally Gillespie, PhDJeffrey Kiehl, PhDJonathan Marshall, PhDLinda Buzzell, MA, LMFTClick here to view bios for the panelists: online event was originally hosted April 11, 2016, via Depth Psychology Alliance.

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  • Reminds me of the alternative ways I have available in dealing with trauma or in this case serial trauma of climate change. I'll definitely pay attention to my dreams.

  • An extraordinary gathering of experts sharing from their soul and dreams. Thank you Bonnie Bright for coordinating this event.  I hope there will be more discussions on this topic in the future!

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