Introduction to Shadow Tech™ with Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari

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Shadow Tech™ is a term course leaders Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari use to describe a modern view of the human shadow and its correlates in culture and the natural world. It is also describes practical “technology” or methods for accessing and “metabolizing" destructive psychic energy. In this free replay which introduces an upcoming 4-week course, they take participants though the core models and practices described in their book Shadow Tech.This course begins by exploring the nature of duality with a new model including the subjective nature of evil or destruction. Davis and Mari explore relationship between the shadow and the alchemical Nigredo as well as natural processes. They revisit Jung’s perspective on the shadow including projection, repression and displacement, and then add a neo-Jungian model developed by the late Robert L. Moore.They introduce a systems view of the shadow that allows it to be seen in culture and in terms of biological relationships such as parasitism, and also explore:—the communicable, collective nature of shadow energies—the “victim – victor” cycle in self and relationship—how shadow materials are created through childhood and intergenerational trauma—how “pain bodies” of destructive patterning in the psyche give rise to addictions and cyclical conflict—ancient biological energies our culture represses and how to access and develop healthy “containers” for themThey share an Emotional Processing technique that can be performed alone or with a partner to access and bring to consciousness the effects of old trauma, effectively reducing the source discordances and giving room for individuation to advance.This is a course in deep shadow work for the intermediate to advanced practitioner. Expect to be challenged and enlivened, for the tools shared are highly effective when put into practice!In this course, you will:-take away a number of models that explain and explore how psychic imbalances create shadow energies and how to isolate your own inner destructiveness.- come to more fully understand your own emotional and psychic discordance, and how to access and clear this repressed emotional energy.- better see how relationships are potential vehicles for evolution through accessing and processing shared shadow material, and how to use relationships as alchemical containers for healing.Presenters:Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari are artists and self healers approaching inner work from an alchemical, Jungian and systems based perspective. They have a specialization in shadow work and in mapping the destructive force in the psyche and culture. Their book, Shadow Tech, contains the core models that we use in our own personal practice and our teachings. They offer a holistic model for understanding the personal and collective shadow which overlays onto the Jungian model and opens it up to a 21st century systems level view. They teach a number of practices, including Emotional Processing (singles and couples) for integrating the effects of childhood and intergenerational trauma.More info including dates, times, fees, and a signup link can be found at

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