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Early test footage for the 'Jungian' Mythic Fiction movie: Lilith, The Last Temptation Of Adam.

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  • Hi Linda,

    Many thanks indeed. That's much appreciated.  I look forward to the discussions in December.

    Kindest Regards,


  • Hi Tom - thanks so much for sharing this track - the whole mix: persona and scenery stills are rich in combination with the music score fires up my imagination to the degree that I can hardly wait to get my copy and start reading your book, participate in your December book club.  To endeavor to catch a glimpse into the hauntingly beautiful with sorrowful angst you refer to is a great appetizer into the intrique of it all.  Regards Linda

  • Hi Linda:

    This for The Bavarian (Animus) track.

  • PS Maggie's co-writer is Stuart Mackillop.  The track above is 'Lilith The Redeemer' from an original track 'Hold Me' by Maggie and Stuart.  The Lilith signature track is an instrumental called 'Genesis' composed by Stuart.  The dark Animus figure Maximilian Von Hesse - also has his own signature track by Stuart called 'The Bavarian' which is hauntingly beautiful, with sorowful angst for the untrequited love of a man for a Goddess. I'll post that with some images.  Kindest Regards, Tom.

  • Good Morning Linda, Maggie parted company with Mike Oldfield some years ago, but she's best known for her popular work with him.  The film is still in pre-production, and discussions with investors, distributors etc.  Also, final casting is yet to be sorted out, as is the question of the three movies as a trilogy, or just the first being produced.  So much goes into film-making (I've learned).  The Roman (Mythic Fiction/Jungian) project is also underway, so it's very busy times at the moment :)  Kindest Regards, Tom.

  • Good morning Tom - you use the past tense in relation to the music of Mike Oldfield.  The synergy between this music score and and the voice of Maggie Reilly compells depth.  Wehn does your movie premier?  Regards Linda 

  • Music by former Mike Oldfield singer Maggie Reilly.

  • Early test footage for the 'Jungian' Mythic Fiction movie 'Lilith: The Last Temptation Of Adam'

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