Trusting Psyche: A Dialogical Inquiry into Shame and the Archetypal Depths of Our Moment

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This is a talk given at the California Institute of Integral Studies for the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Forum for a participatory inquiry into the untamed depths of the collective psyche. Our planetary civilization finds itself poised on the dramatic evolutionary threshold between death and rebirth. In this time of momentous change, humanity is being called to plunge into the underworld to heal the wounds of patriarchy. Drawing upon her astrological counseling practice, as well as insights emerging in the course of her master's thesis research into the way shame inhibits one's authentic voice, Jessica hopes to initiate a group dialogue centered around the task of reclaiming our soulful voices from the shadows of a dying patriarchal society. Jessica blogs at where you may also schedule an archetypal astrological reading.

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