Urban Danger - Part 1

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I don't think this film is meant to be alarmist, but it draws attention to the hard fact that urbanization and globalization makes us more vulnerable in the face of catastrophes--either natural or manmade--limiting or cutting off electricity, fuel, food supplies, decimating economic channels, and putting the population at various types of risk.After seeing the challenges from recent events like the Japan Quake, Tsunami,& Nuclear Crisis, the Gulf Oil Disaster, or Hurricane Katrina, it is clear that most major cities and their inhabitants would be severely challenged by those types of disasters.This film advocates awareness and wonders at how we can make our lifestyle more sustainable by moving out of the cities, growing more of our own food, and practicing disaster preparedness. See the entire documentary at http://www.urbandanger.com/Watch-It-Online.html -- though the remainder quickly moves into a sort of show-and-tell of how-to for sustainable (country) living.

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