Wildfire: a love story

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I saw clear-cuts of the Pacific Northwest in person for the first time in 1998. I knew then that to call for cutting the forest like that, a man must be severed from himself. The laborer is not severed as he labors to ensure his food and shelter directly or for pay. The laborer's hands are clean.The giant sequoia featured in this film was cut in 1853 "and the wind was the one that laid giant sequoia to the ground. Sequoia’s existence blew the minds of weary men who worked with long augers, drilling holes then sawing through the body until the severing was complete. It took a strong crew more than three weeks to make the full cut. The bottom was used for a dance floor, and the trunk, which remained alive with plenty of water for several years, was used as a bowling lane and bar. The bark was shipped East to be offered at a small price per view."for background on 'Wildfire: a love story' please see 'Busted Open' beginning at 44:50 here: http://bit.ly/BstdOpnand read the fully story of this giant sequoia in Paul Hawken's book Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement In the World Came Into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming http://www.blessedunrest.com/'Wildfire: a love story' is a very personal piece that came through in love with long-lived forest and someone who touches me as deeply as my memory of big trees. It’s a reflection of pure love like wildfire, the love that clears all fear that somehow the person is unloved and unlovable because of something that happened. It's the love that proves the one to long for is the all-benevolent presence of which the person is born and to which the person dies, call it whatever you will. i call it light.Given the complex brain and resilient fragility of the human child, life for the human being is a process of spiritual regeneration because the first assault is the awareness of separation, which arises early with the mother and father. Those who experience early childhood traumas beyond this primary and primal affliction, may require the toughest love, love like wildfire, for spiritual regeneration.The person is built to offer seeds of wisdom from the pain the person endures.For context, most of the images in WILDFIRE A LOVE STORY were taken with the big stump, also known as "Discovery Tree" and the majority of those are of me lying on the bottom of this giant sequoia cut in 1853. The images of me and standing sequoia were taken not far from the stump along a path that invites Park visitors to explore the rest of the North Grove of Calaveras Big Trees.Wildfire a love story is directed and edited by Megan Hollingsworth and Frank A. Fuller Jr.Images © 2013 Jack Gescheidt at JackPhoto.comThe poem, WILDFIRE, is by Megan Hollingsworth.The song, 'Without You' is written by Eddie Vedder, published by eV songs unlimited (ASCAP) and used by permission. All rights reserved.

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  • Thank you, Bonnie and Linda. There is a deep story with this piece and how all the pieces came together. The editing itself is a fascinating process. Thank you for spending time with this.

  • This video is gorgeous and reaches right into the psyche. Imagine how we would collectively change if everyone  watched it once a day! Beautiful work, Megan. Thank you for sharing your amazing vision and gift with the community.

  • Wow Megan - bravo!
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