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  • Oh, dear! I completely forgot. I certainly am looking forward to the mp4 of the event.

  • The webinar will be archived by Kepler College, probably within a week or so. Enquire with Kepler College about when it will become available. Anyone who registered, whether she or he listened in or not, should get a communication about an mp4. I'm from the LowTech tribe, so I don't more than that. I hope that I got this right. Thanks for all who looked and listened, and to those who still might. ¬†Chironically, Dale

  • Is the program available to listen to now? I missed the live time.

  • I will attend; Chiron has been appearing in many venues. Recently Chiron: The Immortal Misfit was at the CG Jung Institute, last Sunday. Very interested in the myth of our times ideas.

    Joyce Brady

  • Hi Everyone,

    I've been in contact with Dale and he asked me to pass the following info on regarding accessing the webinar after the fact:

    "If anyone would like to hear/see the webinar, even if unable to be online
    at that time, it is good to register anyway. Kepler College should have
    the recording available, usually a couple of days after the presentation.
    Whether or not registered, the webinar will be permanently archived on The
    Kepler College website, probably within days (Mercury retrograde

  • Unfortunately I am at work.¬† Will it be available afterwards?

  • Hi Barbara. Thanks for the note. I just checked and it seems something had gone wrong. I fixed it, so you should be able to get to the additional info/registration now.

    This looks like a fantastic event, and 35 of us members are planning to attend already! Isn't technology amazing that we can "gather" from all over the world to learn together?

  • I can't seem to find a registration link that works to actually register.... The 'details and registration' link only leads to a poster for the event. Help!
  • I am on CST; should work for me. Regards; Jim Blaha

  • It sounds great. I am EST so it will be 10:00 am here in Connecticut and very doable on a Saturday. Thank you.

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