When we lived in small tribal communities artistic expression was a large part of life. With the advent of greater materialism, we’ve increasingly gotten more disconnected from our creativity. With the average person more depleted than vitalised by their jobs it has become easier to be a receptacle consuming other people’s creative work than engaging in our own.

Creative expression can reveal our vocations or it can be enjoyed as a core element of a rich life. It can also be a tool that helps us with self-understanding and bypasses the conscious mind which has become overly cherished and hyper stimulated. Our art retreat can assist with each of these aspects.

Creative Retreat

Suitable for:

* People wanting to explore their relationship with creativity

*Artists with their own creative practices looking for an idyllic space to do so

*Art therapists or those who would like to experience sessions of art therapy

*Those drawn to Jungian/Depth work

* People committed to personal development & spiritual development

*Kinaesthetic learners

This two day program explores your relationship with creativity.

Choose from a range of activities including art therapy exercises, journalling, drawing, storytelling, life writing, drawing and sacred geometry.

You're also welcome to use the space to undertake your own craft or art projects.

Enjoy a flexible schedule where you can do as much or as little as you feel called to and rediscover what is truly important to you.

All the activities and treatments are included in your package except for massage, where an external masseuse comes to you. She needs notice so please let us know when you’re booking if you’d like this service.

Art Retreats NSW: https://adifferentdrummer.com.au/wellness-retreat/art-retreats-nsw

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