Call for Papers -- Title and Abstract to be submitted by 15th January 2014

We invite papers devoted to the theme of rebirth and renewal within this unique IAJS conference setting as we explore Jung's work on individuation that stretches out from Phoenix and embraces all indigenous and modern cultural manifestations of this process.

We welcome papers that examine Jung's concept of the symbol as might be exemplified in processes of transformation and renewal in cultural practices such as the fine and popular arts, the media, and literature; religion; political processes; scientific theory, environmental and sustainability concerns; and in clinical practice. Equally, papers that deal with related themes, such as the Trickster, in ancestral, indigenous, and contemporary cultural manifestations are invited, as well as papers based on current research measuring case study material.

The committee also invites paper proposals on other issues about which individual members are currently engaged.

We have pleasure in announcing that IAJS prominent Jungian scholars, Jerome Bernstein, Raya Jones, Andrew Samuels, and David Tacey, will give papers that focus on key aspects of rebirth and renewal related to indigenous peoples, the individuation process and symbol formation.

Aims of the conference

Jung was indebted to the indigenous peoples he met on his travels to America, North Africa, Uganda and India for the rebirthing process that such contact with these different cultures played in the evolution of his psychological theories connected to rebirth and renewal. Through contact with indigenous peoples, Jung discovered a new and enlivened emotional immediacy to nature that he felt had become disassociated under the pressure of being European. This conference's theme places Jung's work on individuation in a vis-à-vis with the traditions of indigenous peoples, as one aspect of the broader perspective of rebirth and renewal found in Jung's work on symbols as transformers of energy.

This conference uses Phoenix as a symbol of rebirth and renewal and as a guide to modern city life. Its location in Arizona's "valley of the sun" connects the city in several ways to the symbolism of the individuation process, that is, new growth out of old ruins. (Click here for more details--this link good for a limited time only, then check )

Process & Info

Please send a title and abstract of no more than 300 words to Phoenix Conference Abstract Submission at Stephani Stephens, e-mail address or Liz Brodersen, e-mail address including one's full name, title, and contact details: institutional or professional affiliation, and a selected bibliography (up to three publications).

The conference will take place at Arizona State University, Mercado Campus, Phoenix, AZ, June 27-30, 2014. The conference's language is English.

The conference registration costs US $325 Dollars, $275 for students and $125 daily rate which will include food breaks, including lunch, and beverages.

More details about the conference will be available on the IAJS Phoenix conference website:

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