Friday Morning Group


This event is an invitation to a safe, creative conversation about Identity, Color, Culture, and what it means to belong as an individual & a member of society

If you feel… 

  • Unseen, unheard, marginalized or purposefully excluded 
  • Burdened by the suffering and real trauma that society imposes

A Soul Circle is a creative opportunity to: 

  • Inquire into your own identity, not the one that was assigned to you 
  • Acknowledge the suffering and real trauma that society imposes
  • Honor your experience and mourn personal loss in a safe place 
  • Explore how to be a compassionate ally to yourself and others 
  • Open a conversation that creates space for systemic change 
  • Authorize yourself to feel fully included, valued, and respected 
  • Be vulnerable and to claim the sovereignty of your inner authority

A complimentary pre-participation interview is required.

  • Online/Small Group Size.
  • Partial scholarships available based on need.
  • Must attend all 12 sessions.
  • Only simple tools are necessary.


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