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"Psychoanalysis began as a theory and is now a therapy. It is a sort of treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. This style of therapy encourages awareness of unconscious, unproductive, repeating emotional and behavioural patterns. Snake…"
Dec 31, 2022
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"According to archetypal cosmology, the planetary arrangements in the solar system represent the inner structure of the psyche. Its motivation is to discover the fundamental connection between the human psyche and the cosmos.…"
Nov 28, 2022
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"We are taught that good things are bad and bad things are good. We are taught that if we eat candy, we will get fat; if we drink soda, we will become diabetic. We are taught that drugs are bad and alcohol is good. We are taught to avoid certain…"
Nov 22, 2022
0ywemdeeej911 commented on C.G. Jung Club of Orange County's event Kali: An Exploration of Hinduism Through the Image of the Divine Feminine, presented by Michael Marsman, LCSW
"Mythology is the study of myths, legends, and stories about gods, demigods, monsters, heroes, and other supernatural beings. Myths are often religious in nature, though they may have been created by non-religious people. Many myths were originally…"
Nov 19, 2022
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"Self-confidence is the belief in one's own capabilities. People who have high levels of self-confidence often think positively about themselves. They know what they're capable of doing and don't worry about whether others approve of them. Click Here"
Nov 16, 2022