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  • According to archetypal cosmology, the planetary arrangements in the solar system represent the inner structure of the psyche. Its motivation is to discover the fundamental connection between the human psyche and the cosmos.
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  • Hello Belinda Ray. Welcome to the archetypal astrology group. Would love to know of your relationship to this ancient art and hear more of your contributions as time passes. Judie
  • Any body have any thoughts or musings about how or if the daimon is related to the horoscope? Hermetic guide to the fulfillment of the  horoscope? Or, the pattern in the horoscope itself?
  • Ah, well thank you Thomasz. As far as my astrological knowledge is concerned it has always appeared to have been something of a calling.  As they say in esoteric circles, it seems I've "brought it in with me!"  Or, to be more depth psychological about it, perhaps I'm following  the directions of my daimon. Of course when speaking generally of Mercury and the way it acts upon, or with Jupiter, we are already in a guessing game.    Hermes/Mercury/The Trickster can and will facilitate whatever the traffic will bear...!What ever is needed to move things along, forward, backward, sideways....Perhaps he works best at facilitating Jupiter's message, plan, or vision and aiding in those connections that are necessary for that plan to either materialize or fly away.  Perhaps Jupiter brings the urge or plan, the broad idea, and Hermes/Mercury  works on or worth Jupiter to facilitate those connections that enable the embodiment of that paln. I

    do suppose that this pairing could of coursework in the way you describe,  Your otherworldly puer and  hyperactive mgr. are two example of embodiment of this conjunction in life.  One more concrete , the other perhaps more metaphysical.  Jupiter is the plan and I think Mercury/Hermes the  connecting principle that can or cannot foster embodiment. I do know James Hillman's birth chart, at least what I am aware of as being his chart.   As I recall he has mostly fire and air emphasis with two prominent planets in water . Venus/Aphrodite in Pisces and

    Saturn/Chronos in Water. Of course the Venus in Pisces, and I believe it is placed in his 10 house of the public, is indeed a living example of one who can bring soul,, and an imaginal psychology  to the world  I think his Saturn  in Scorpio is in the sixth house of psychotherapy, i.e. his  seminal work as a Jungian Analyst (6th-12th house) ..As far as sun/moon/Neptune traits in an individual, I don't think I can really comment in that as it's a little too broad a notion and there is no real life situation/chart/person to be an example.  Perhaps it will come up ;ater n in a naother way that makes it easier to speak about. We must guard against generalizations in this work. Each horoscope/person/psyche has a particular pattern, specific to each person, that can and must be seen and addressed given these factors.  Not to mention its archetypal cosmic affiliation  that comes at birth and is lifelong.  Any thoughts?

  • Judith, mamy thanks for the comment. First of all, let me tell you your astrological knowledge far exceeds mine :) Secondly, I haven't seen Hillman's DVD but I do have his book on Puer and Senex so I felt as if you were reading my mind then rather than just replying to a comment.

    As for the Jupiter/Mercury connection, I understand Jupiter exaggerates the energy of any planet it touches in the chart so it clearly energizes the Mercurial-puerile impulse in a person. But what about the other way round? How does Mercury work on Jupiter? I would suspect a Jupiter person often has a strong urge to, as Hillman would probably put it, enact ideas literally, i.e. in the real world. Is it possible for that combination to produce a sort of "hyperactive" leader/manager rather than the 'otherworldly" puer?

    Have you ever checked out Hillman's own birth chart? I think he himself calls his psychology 'puer psychology", and curiously enough, he's got very strong Sun/Moon/Neptune connections. Would you be so kind as to - at least briefly -share your expertise on the Sun /Neptune and Moon/Neptune traits in an individual? Do you think the latter type (an ugly word, isn't it?) could generally be callled more empathic and, let's say, "psychological" while the former more spiritually-oriented but a bad "psychologist"?  


    PS. my Moon-Pluto is in Libra :)


  • Two P.S's to my entries. One, everyone please forgive my incorrect spellings that are left behind in my entries as I rush off to got to work to see patients.  I intend to be more careful about those in the future. And MANY THANKS to Matthew Thomas for your suggestion about reading the last chapter in Cosmos and Psyche as an intro to archetypal astrology.  GREAT  SUGGESTION AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Good morning Tomasz..First off please write me this one time after you read this and let me know if my response went to the right place so that others may also read them. I'm not secure yet about what has been for me a circuitous experience with recording this process of archtypal astro-dialogue! to your questions/thoughts..which by the way are just so exciting to me.When I referred to your lightness...I meant that with tongue in cheek! I sensed you were anything but.  So I must've been picking up on your moon Pluto.   What sign is it in? Is it Virgo? From your photo I don't think it's Leo.   The puer notion and Neptune is a curious one. I usually think of Puer in astrology as connected to the Jupiter/Mercury archetype.  To me it represents the sense of roaming/travel/flight of ideas/ creative bursting forth/the astrological third and ninth houses. Have you heard Hillman's CD on the Puer/Senex made about two years ago when he was at Pacifica? It is brilliant. Certainly worth the purchase and amazingly translatable into astrological lingo!To me  Puer seems associated  with the elements of fire and air. However, if you think of Neptune with regard to the imaginal and to the imagination/or the astrological 12th house , I think the case could be easily made for the imagination and imaginings of the puer. Liz Greene's exquisite book on Neptune is recommend here. In fact one would think that  puer  flights of imagination  are essential ingredients in all new ideas so often associated with puer psychology.  What one then needs are the essential elements of follow through, embodiment, and concretization  so often associated with Saturn. This  idea then links Mercury/Jupiter/Neptunen plus the follow up and follow through from saturn/moon.  The moon being that place where ideas become psychologically anchored, and find a home. This discussion could go on and on. It is rather like a kaleidoscope in which each turn brings a beautiful, new colorful arrangement of images. Tomasz, please let me know if this went through and thanks so much for striking the match on this ever-so fascinating topic.  Judie
  • Judith, many thanks for your invitation! One can hardly feel ligthness in one's life with the conjunction of moon i pluto in the natal chart, can they? :)

    Speaking of lightness...I was wondering if any of you have noticed any relation between the placement of Neptune in one's birth chart and the so-called puer aeternus complex?

    I must say I often find the role of Neptune in a birth chart a bit puzzling and different than in "classical" astrological descriptions of how the planet works as an archetype or a complex. I don't think Tarnas mentions the puer aeternus in the context of Neptune. Does he?


  • Hi Bonnie Judith and group,
    Judith, thank you for such a great group which combines two of my core interests. I was struck by the comment thread about R. Tarnas's work--as you probably know Cosmos and Psyche is the follow up, and culmination, of his great work The Passion of the Western Mind (correct title?). That book looked at the whole sweep of western thought from the ancient Greeks on, and for Tarnas Cosmos and Psyche is an attempt to show where the Western mind he traced in his first book is/needs to be going. Thus, he talks about the merging of east and west as the merging of male and femals, etc., so Cosmos is very much a second book. For newcomers to Tarnas I actually recommend the last chapter (epilogue) of The Passion of the Western Mind where he previews a lot of Cosmos and Psyche. That is the best introduction to the evolution of his thought which bore fruit in Cosmos, and it is quite accessible.
  • Welcome Tomasz Lange.  I eagerly await your contributions..After looking at your page, and reading about your interests/ your thing came to mind..."The Unbearable Lightness of Being!"   Can't wait to hear more of what  hear more about what is meaningful to you!

    Regards, Judie

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