Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

two trees (1875) by Odilon Redon


As the Mercury retrograde periods in 2015 all occur in Air signs, this chapter is significant for being in the mutable sign of Gemini where Mercury makes its home and lifts our minds with winds of inspired language.  Mercury retrogrades are not a time to fear, though being aware that Mercury is setting a different tempo can help us orient to how to make productive use of its potential.  When Mercury appears to move backward from our perspective during its retrograde, it is closer in orbit to us and creates the effect of moving slower.  In correspondence, we gain access to a more magical perception that can decode messages from symbolic patterns in our daily experience.  Following Mercury’s retrograde station, Mercury disappears from our view of it hovering over our horizon and moves into the underworld and the role of guiding us into pivotal inner insights of soul.  In Gemini, Mercury plays up his mischievous trickster side that unveils the folly of those taking themselves too seriously, as well as amplifies our capacity to synthesize a multiplicity of perspectives, philosophies, and observations into shared meaning and unified vision.

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  • Thanks, Gary.  For a calmer, more peaceful retrograde, it's best not to squeeze too many errands into one day. Also, it's been my experience when lecturing on these cycles that people are more interested in topics like dreams (messages from the Underworlds) patterns and symbols than at other times.  A smaller number of people may appear for the talk--more may sign up earlier,, but they're tired at the end of their workday. The smaller group lends itself to deeper discussions, though. A good time to try our ideas for books and articles.  

    • Thank you Kathleen for your comment,

      I agree that Mercury retrograde does bring some gifts in thought and communication. I was recently at the NORWAC astrological convention and observed a few missteps in communication, but in general some very powerful use of the Mercury retrograde energy, particularly those who drew from the symbolic realm of mythic archetypes.

      It is always a pleasure to read your comments,


  • Hello Gray,

    True to the Spirit of Mercurius, I received your email link tonight and intended to forward to my Facebook page, several times, I was waylaid, forgot, misdirected...and yet, was led/followed Mercury here back to your DPA site...

    How very fitting indeed, that the God of Communication, trickster, Psychopomp and Messenger should lead such a playful chase at this retrograde in Geminii...

    Thank you for this and and now, I am off to post your original webpost on Facebook, this time by the grace of Hermes, I trust it will arrive...

    On that note, I hope you receive this little note and thanks.

    • Hello Gray,

      Thank you for your response. Bonnie and I have been making offerings to Hermes as we have been presenting the webinar series "Jung, Alchemy and the Tree of Life" here on DPA.

      We have been blessed with his co-operation and magic...with a few little technological tricks to keep up on our toes.

      Thank you for all your wisdom and guidance,

    • Thank you Eva,

      It is a pleasure to hear you enjoyed this writing on Mercury retrograde, and that Hermes guided you in the end to where you needed to go.  I hope you have been experiencing some inspirational thoughts during this retrograde period.



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