Judith Harte,Ph.D. replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Excerpt from Patricia Berry & Gustavo Barcellos Conversation on Hillman's Archetypal Psychology
Dec 12, 2015
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"Welcome to Archetypal Astrology group. As a licensed psychotherapist it does my heart  good to  see another person embrace the language of myth, psyche, and depth psychotherapy. Wish you lived closer! If one were to race ahead in time,  there would…"
Aug 30, 2015
Judith Harte,Ph.D. replied to Matthew Thomas's discussion Dream of Turtle Populations at Night in The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Very important reply. It's collective emphasis and concern for the world soul moved me into looking at the dream from another vista/vantage point. Along with the above suggestions, which are excellent, I was  able to grasp how important it might be…"
Aug 20, 2015
Judith Harte,Ph.D. replied to Matthew Thomas's discussion Dream of Turtle Populations at Night in The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Have you read the book, The Last Tortoise, by Craig Stanford, Ph.D.? He's a biological anthropologist & professor at .   USC .He is also the co-administrator of the Jane Goodall Institute. He is actually a brilliant primatologist but has also a…"
Aug 14, 2015
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"Hello Gail, Very nice to meet you here and to accept your friend request. My sister lives in Tucson.I rarely get there but happened to be there about a year ago for an archetypal astrology  conference!I am sure you will enjoy exploring DPA.
All the…"
Jul 9, 2015
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"can you add us to the list?Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology
Hadley Fitzgerald
Judith Harte"
Jun 24, 2015
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"Thank you Linda for your openness! You have been a long standing member of DPA, that alone makes you as a natural star-gazer.!!..J."
Jun 21, 2015
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".Hello Serina I see you are a friend of Grays. You have excellent taste! I hope you enjoy the study of archtypal asttrology and this gropu as well as DPA> Welcome
Jun 18, 2015
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Jun 18, 2015
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"great ideanything on MIles DAvis or Bill Evans?"
Jun 13, 2015
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May 14, 2015
Judith Harte,Ph.D. commented on Susanne van Doorn's blog post Jim Morrison, rider on the storm?
"Susan--Fascinating--I went through those days. More as a quiet observer than an activist/participant. To have lived through those times is to carry an imprint, and mark of an era, that lasts a lifetime, or even many! I cannot imagine having missed…"
May 12, 2015
Judith Harte,Ph.D. replied to Judith Harte,Ph.D.'s discussion MUSINGS FROM DREAMLAND - EARLY MORNING MUSINGS ON A DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY
 You are the  pied piper and exquisite guide for those like-minded others who pass  through the multiple doorways and  pathways leading up and down, to and from, the land of soul. Thank you for taking the time to help us discover and embrace…"
May 12, 2015
Judith Harte,Ph.D. replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Where is your daimon right now?....and what is it busy doing?
"I cannot imagine any better answer to the question about where the daimon is right now, than the one contained within the  content in the above quote by James Hillman.  I can however, offer a possibility and place in and by which to locate, track,…"
May 5, 2015
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"Hey Vanessa..So glad you joined us. I think you will really get a lot from this group and also give back perhaps even more. Check out our archetypal astrology group, and especially take note of Gray Crawford's submissions. He's a master in the best…"
May 3, 2015
Judith Harte,Ph.D. replied to Depth Alliance Board's discussion Join the "Depth Discussion" about Hillman's Notion of Eros & Psych — July 11, 2013
"Many, years ago, I purchased two blue-grey stones. You know, the kind that have been so popular in hip, psychologically tuned in gift shops and book stores. On the larger grey stone was carved the word Trust. On the blue-grey stone was the word…"
Apr 17, 2015

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  • Hi Judith-I am glad you are still in conversations with Hestia. I cannot recall if I responded, but yes that was me as Hestia on this last Halloween. The photo. Hestia was a large part of the Active Dreaming group that I belong to this last Wednesday. I have many thoughts surrounding her, Mercury and the hearth still merging into words from thought form connections if that makes sense, hehe. Blessings!

  • Publisher

    Good morning, Judith. Thanks for the warm hearth to the group :)

    And now I see your "Gray" comment in context—it stood alone outside of your article, so I played a funny. Yesterday continued in its playful spontaneity...

    And I don't know Dvora, no, or much of the astrology scene here in Israel. I have a friend who studies kabbalistic astrology where they use the Hebrew calender, so it's quite different. I know the rabbis embrace the study but they warn laypeople to steer clear. I'd be interested to discuss it with her. I'll look her up. Thanks.

    Best for a lovely day,

  • Hi Judith - thanks for being a friend in DPA for you have expertise I have minimal  knowledge in, however, last week when I was watching The Nature of Things and it showed how 3 year old Artic Polar Bears swim across the ocean by reading the stars and I thought of you.  Astononomy artic polar bears brought a smile to my face and laughter for my soul which I simply wanted to share with you.  They stated that the learning, brain mapping of these ancient astrological ways of knowing is imprinted, layed down the first two years of the bears life - and then lauched to star gaze to find their way all on their own.  Amazing stuff.  I am glad you are out-there.  Regards Linda

  • Ok i just focused my mind...The answer is that for the likes of Hillman, in their imaginal epistemology, the external world, when perceived takes its form from fantasy not vice versa. Hence the external worlds origins are the psyche or souls archetypal base.



  • moreover I view Hillman as wanting to pathologize but at the same time he doesnt believe that it is the outside world that causes it. That for Hillman is the error that most people make. For hillman it is the soul that is pathologizing and wants to pathologize. Always going on about the outer world is the error... thats my reading of Hillman. So he does make the outer world go away... at least he thinks he does.... Im not so sure.

  • Hey Judith... Hillman goes further and further into the unconscious and terms it that way, not me. I was just wondering what someone who sympathises with his view would think about this. Hillman deliteralizes the outer world. Your response strikes me as being not much of a Hillman fan on this.

  • Hello from NorCal! Thanks for the friendship!



  • hi, thanks for the welcome! This page caught my eye , thought it might be nice to find archetypal ties to the cosmos!

  • Thank you Judith! 

    Um, what do you mean by "orientation"? I'm new to astrology and am uncertain what that is indicative of.

  • Thanks Judith. I would love to know what your daughter thinks of my book. It was written with a true love for those who devote their lives to teaching others :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your Spring! It certainly is wet up in the Bay area.


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At my request, someone emailed me a section from their in process autobiography. Curious and interested, I wanted to sniff the flavor of its essence and writing style. After reading a small, poignant selection of the author’s work, I responded hastily to what I’d read. In my response, I’d used the terms soul print, and soul imprint interchangeably. This term foreign to Ed its author, was frankly upon…

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I have recently begun a blog through WordPress for friends, ,patients and others who are not on DPA. However, I intend to feature it on DPA as well. Looking forward to your responses and interfacing with you about this and other things in the near future.

Our book Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology will be released in Kindle form very soon through Amazon Books. 

I'm loving this crisp, fast, well directed Aries energy looming ahead. At least so far! How about…

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The meeting between lover and beloved is heart to heart, like that between sculptor and model, between hand and stone. When we fall in love we begin to imagine romantically, fiercely, wildly, madly, jealously, with possessive, paranoid intensity. And when we imagine strongly, we begin to fall in love with the images conjured before the heart's eye — as when starting a project, preparing a vacation trip, planning a new…

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Hi Cathy, very sweet description of the upcoming Aries Libra full moon. And I loved that exquisite photo. 

Thanks to you I now have, Buber's I-Thou classic in one hand. And  I've begun a journal of all the qualities that I've always loved/hated in "the other," and one by one am starting to try them on and integrate them as my own! 

Of course I took another peek at the sign on my seventh house cusp in order to be reminded of what I love/hate in others and am now preparing to go…

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