(2015, 17 x 33h" Stephen Calhoun, Cleveland Hts Ohio)Part of the ongoing Jazz Masters In Heaven Series
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  • great ideanything on MIles DAvis or Bill Evans?

  • Do you have an ETTA JAMES IN HEAVEN (or elsewhere)?

  • Thanks Stephen - love what you are doing...and I can only hope, my brother is there with her - listening while he does his art form.  Have a great day....Peace + Love Linda

  • Nina Simone 1933-2003, musician, activist, and an iconic figure of great black music.

    Thanks Linda. In my ongoing series of pieces Master Musicians In Heaven, the qualifier is that the person so commemorated is playing in the big band in the sky, so-to-speak.

  • OMG - I just remember...my brother loved listening to her, I inherited his art and music collection, and she is in...a cassette...if I remember correctly, her voice was/has depth - is she dead or alive...not that it matters for her music says it all

  • oops typo...meant to say "magnificence of wave + flow"

  • Good morning Stephen - thanks so much for sharing this amazing, velveteen, jazz piece of amazing magnificence of we and flow phenomena...alive...I am going to insert this in Theme 9...much appreciation 

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