wonderland poster

wonderland poster
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  • Incredible and magical image Susie! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  • Hi Susy - the 9 Themes is research work that I have used for the past few decades during helping journeys with myself and people I serve.  In my photos I have set up 3 Albums for my personal discovery and healing journey over my entire lifespan to stand as a record of what images emerged for me during my personal healing.  

    Then there are the 9 Albums for the individual themes and those are the images others have been so generous to share with me to help others "see" aspects of their mourning, grief or bereavement - one aspects, several points or the whole theme.

    That's so good to hear this image is associated with emergence and not grief, per se...I saw the title - "Wonderland," and my imagination went into times of childhood, naive innocence, and the grief children may experience..and lastly the movie, "Go Ask Alice" and the song "Chasing Rabbits."  Just me freely associating with images - thought forms.

    Thanks for getting back to me and I will leave your wonderful image in Favourites.  The Best ,Linda 

  • Hi, Linda, I am not certain about your question . . . I don't think of grief when I see this painting.  It is about emergence, for me.  Tell me how you see grief themes in it?

  • Hi Susy - thank you for sharing this poster with me and I was wondering if you could help me pick which theme of grief it fits into for you.  Peace + Love Linda

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