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"Judie, thank you for your comment and for your interest in my book. I did read Robert Stein's book many years ago now and I remember having a similar response to it. My book is available in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon. If you click this link…"
Jan 31, 2014

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  • Welcome Jane to this online depth psychology community. It's great to have you here. I hope you will find some of the conversations and resources of service to your work and life. Please jump in where and when you can. The more voices the better.

    ...As you may know, we currently have over 2600 members from all over the world. I hope as you explore the community a bit you find a dynamic group of like-minded people who are all deeply drawn by the field of depth psychology. While there are many Jungian analysts and clinical psychologists here, our members come from many walks of life--artists, writers, doctors, healing professionals, counselors, students, business people, etc--so there is much cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience here to be shared. 

    We recommend that to get started, you personalize your profile photo by going to your "My page" and rolling your cursor over the default C.G. Jung image. That will give you the option to switch it out. As well, there are many opportunities to engage as you browse the site. When you're ready to jump in, please feel free to post a topic for discussion in the forum, respond to someone else's post, or share a link to an article or web site you like.

    You may want to check out the September online Book Club, Isis Code with Ariane Page. It's all done in a written format and you can comment or ask questions as you like. Too, you can weigh in on the weekly depth discussions by clicking the image and quote at the top of the home page.

    In case you need detailed help getting started and navigating the site, you can use the following link---- http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/page/navigating-the-site----and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all! I look forward to seeing you around the community. 

    --Mark Sipowicz, Board Member

    "It is of course, as you say, an absurdity to isolate the human mind from nature in general. There is no difference in principle between the animal and the human psyche. The kinship of the two is too obvious.

    Sincerely yours, C.G. Jung" [Letter dated June 18, 1957]

    Mark Sipowicz, Jungian Rites of Passage Guide
    MA Depth Psychology
    PhD studies in Jungian, Archetypal and Ecopsychology
    Wilderness Guides Council member
    Boulder, CO 
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Unfortunate Love


Dr. Thomas Kirsch has just written a review of my book on Amazon. A respected elder in the Jungian world, past president of the San Francisco Institute and former longtime vice president and president of the International Society of Jungian Analysts, Dr. Kirsch writes: "I am writing a memoir myself,…

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