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As you journey towards Assisi, you pass by seemingly endless fields of Sunflowers. "Girasole", the name for sunflower in Italian, means to turn to the sun. As you watch the daily sojourn of these wondrous flowers, they literally turn throughout the day to face the sun. So too, as we age, psyche seeks to turn us, to orient us to a new understanding of our lives and of the path now in front of us. 

In aging we face eternal, and spiritual questions about life such as: 

—Are we living the life and destiny that was meant for us?
—Do we deeply love our children, spouse,and friends?
—Have we found a way to live with our transgressions, and create a rich tapestry of a life?  

While there is an archetype of aging, there is no map which captures how we should live and age. This has to be discovered through what Hollis calls, "This Journey that is our Life." In Italian the word scordare, refers to forgetting. It also means to be out of tune. Here we see the implicit relationship between forgetting and being out of tune, and by contrast to the relationship between remembering, and being "in tune" and attuned in the aging process to the ways of Psyche, Soul and Self.

Join us and a truly incredible faculty for this week of conferencing in one of the most beautiful and sacred sites in the world- Assisi, Italy.

Conference Faculty

Jim Hollis, Ph.D. - Living More Fully in the Shadow of Mortality

Joan Chodorow, Ph.D. - Moving Active Creative Imagination and Aging

Michael Conforti, Ph.D. - Time of the Forgotten, A Time of Remembrance, Reflections on Aging

Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D. - The Soul's Wisdom: Transcending and Embracing the Limitations of Aging

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