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Illustrated through the presentation of Pre-Colombian art, myths, rituals, clinical practice and film.

Dr. Michael Conforti

Dr. Eduard Carvallo

Dr. Bonnie Damron

It is the inexorable dance of personal dynamics, choices, and idiosyncrasies coupled with the eternal rhythms of the archetypal processes that makes up a life.

Here we begin to understand how each step we take in life, from childhood to our adolescent forays into the larger and even at times, the forbidden world, and later still, on to the development of our own family and  eventually into the  later stages of life, while uniquely personal, and expressive of the wonderful innate  qualities of the individual, it also parallels humanities journey into life. 


Erich Neumann, in Origins and History of Consciousness,  reveals how our personal developmental processes, are lived out and expressed against the backdrop of humanities development from a pre-egoic state to one of greater consciousness and discernment.

Through an in-depth analysis of a number of significant myths, art and symbols from various  points in history, he captured how humanity has  moved from  a "participation mystique" with nature into one where  the development and cultivation of an individual consciousness in relation to nature and psyche evolved.

Taking up the thread left by Neumann's groundbreaking work, our special guest speaker, Dr Eduardo Carvallo, a Jungian Analyst and Psychiatrist, originally from Venezuela, now practicing in Bogota Columbia, will look at Pre-Columbian art and sculptures to illustrate how ancient shamans and those  trained in the sacred arts understand the spiritual and archetypal nature of life.      

Also joining our faculty for this event is Dr. Bonnie Damron, a  truly gifted mythologist who will be  speaking about the development of the feminine and how the story of Penelope captures such an  essential aspect of womens developmental journey.   

Michael Conforti will provide an introduction and orientation  to Neumann's  work on the Archetypal Developmental model, illustrating how  our movement through life is marked  by tendencies, symbols and dreams capturing   our relationship to both the generative and non generative faces of the  different  archetypal stages of life. He will also be addressing the  role of what Neumann terms the "Father Archetype", in the lives of men and women. 

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