• Sep 28, 2021 at 11:00am to Oct 5, 2021 at 1:00pm
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$79  includes recordings, handouts & opportunity to work w/Kim


It takes courage to follow an inner vision.

It takes a certain fierceness, grit, and fortitude to go against the norm and to follow an inner knowing that you can’t verbalize.

Because true visions—and paradigm-changing work—don’t come from the ego or the human thinking mind. They come from deep knowing. If...

  • something deep is nudging you
  • you’ve been haunted by a vision
  • you know you’re not living your purpose
  • you have a gift you’re afraid to fully step into
  • you’re resisting a call from Spirit because it feels way too big.

Please join us for an online shamanic pilgrimage into deep knowing. Together, we will open a field of potent Source energies and powerful intelligence that is not of this world.

Only this realm knows what you need for your whole life to change.

As you anchor in this vibrational field, you’ll discover newfound clarity and unforeseen possibility. You’ll also experience flow, grace, ease, strength, and a deep sense of security and peace.

  • Own your spiritual gifts & resources.
  • Align with the wisdom & intelligence of your true gift.
  • Uncover the core vibration that wants to be set in motion.
  • Discover inner knowing & possibilities that can’t be revealed any other way.
  • Quickly shift out of difficulties and into a place of profound healing, power, & creative flow.

This is deep work. It’s not for those who float on the surface of spirituality and creativity. Some of us need a strong connection with Spirit to do the pioneering work we’ve been called to do.

We humans are brilliant when we work with Something greater than ourselves.

Please join us.




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