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Perhaps the most decisive moment in the history of Jung's work with Psyche, and dreams occurred during his journey into the unconscious.  Chronicling his experiences in this inner world, Jung writes in the Red Book that he was frightened by the power and effects of these inner images on his life. In an effort to diminish their influence, he turned to the prophet Elijah, one of the most powerful figures he encountered, saying that since he had created him from his own imagination, that he was not real. Here Elijah informs Jung, that he and all of the other figures in the unconscious were as real as anything else living in the world.

Jung had now come face to face with the reality and autonomy of the psyche.  While initially believing that he created these inner figures, he now understood that instead, he had found a way to access the contents of the Psyche. As these inner figures were vital and energetic entities, carrying their own innate and intrinsic meaning, he had to develop an ongoing relationship to them. His work was to engage psyche and its symbolic expressions in dreams, and to do so he had to enter the specific domain-field of the image to understand its unique and particular mythology, meaning, and what they were asking of the dreamer.

As presented in the Red Book, it was Jung's encounters with Salome, Siegfried, Elijah, the assassin and the anchorite  which  shows  not  only the necessity for Jung, but for all of us  to engage these inner figures.  In these meetings, Jung realized that each figure represented an aspect of Psyche, carrying a spiritual and archetypal message.

This dream seminar honors Jung's approach to psyche and his working with the archetypal domain of dreams. Where the sacred has all too often been reduced to the secular, and the archetypal eclipsed by the personal, this 9-month program takes an in-depth look at the various ways our personal complexes and biases distract us from the innate archetypal and spiritual  meaning in our dreams. In many respects this course is an homage to the brilliance of Jung and those Jungians whose work captures the necessity of working with those numinous an  transpersonal contents of the  unconscious and in finding ways to incorporate these messages from the Self into our life. 


 The seminar is divided into four teaching modules:

I      The Presence of the Objective Psyche and Archetypes in Dreams

II     The Presence and Workings of Complexes in Dreams

III    Discerning the Relationship between Complexes and Archetypes in Dreams

IV     Working With and Translating the Dreams Archetypal Message

This nine (9) month Beginning Dream Patterning Training Program consists of the following teaching methods:

*16 teleseminars, which are 1.5 hours each
*1 Residency*, January 20th - 22nd, 2017 at the Westward Look Spa and Resort in Tucson, Arizona
*2 Individual Mentoring Sessions


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