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Please NOTE: Due to high interest, his master lecture series has been EXTENDED by 3 sessions. Register now for the new sessions below by emailing us at or calling (802) 254-6220.( Please say you heard it here)

12/3-  Complex Possessions and Redemption: An Archetypal Perspective
12/10- Archetypal Nature of Projections: When Projections Fit and When They do Not

12/17 - Further Applications of an Archetypal Perspective

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We'd like to offer you a unique educational opportunity to learn about the workings of archetypes in clinical practice. Dr. Michael Conforti, author, award winning lecturer and consultant and founder and Director of the Assisi Institute, is offering a four week Master Lecture Series on his pioneering work with regards to understanding the manifestation of the archteypal dynamics within the clinical situation.

Each teleseminar is recorded so you can easily return to this rich material again and again at no additional charge.

An Archetypal Perspective on Clinical Practice
Moved by unseen forces, our life often rides in the waters of the deep unconscious, pushed and pulled and at times taken under by these influences and into the vortex of archetypal experiences. So we struggle with the tools of our conscious awareness to make sense of our dreams, complexes, life choices in career and spouse, and often settle on a meaning that comes all too easily and - often misses the mark. Psyche and soul speaks through images, icons, metaphors, and symptoms and asks of us to learn it's language- the archetypal and ancient language of Self and soul, if we ever hope to create a life in concert with the urgings of The Self.

While virtually every form of psychotherapy has sought to interpret these workings of psyche through the lens of mechanistic, reductive, personal and subjective renderings.

It is Jung's understanding of the profound workings of the Self, that allow us to see that the numinous can only be understood by reaching far beyond our conscious understanding of the inner and outer world.

It was Jung who allowed us to see what the ancients had known about the meaning of life, symbols and destiny. So too, he allowed us to know something about the meaning of these archetypal influences.

In this series of four (4) sessions, Dr. Conforti, will draw on his more than 25 years of clinical experience to describe the importance of an archetypally informed approach to clinical practice, for understanding the meaning, direction and urgings of Self in our clients lives. Each session will be oriented to a specific theme:

Session 1- (November 5th)
An Archetypal Perspective for Clinical Practice

Session 2 - (November 12th)
The archetypal meaning of clinical interactions- How Self orchestrates dynamics

Session 3 - (November 19th)
Understanding the archetypal meaning of dreams

Session 4 - (November 26th)
Translation of Archetypal Images, and imperatives in our clients lives.

Starts at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

TO REGISTER: Call (802) 254-6220 or email 

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  • The 4th lecture in this series is tonight--still fine to join. PLUS, due to high demand, the series has been extended by three more sessions. I'm finding it truly valuable even though I'm not a therapist....thanks, Michael, for bringing us your remarkable work!
  • Education Institution

    Hi everyone: Just a reminder that you can still join us for Week 2 in this teleseminar series TONIGHT at 5pmPT/8pm ET. Even if you haven't had a chance to listen to the free first session, you can read a comprehensive summary of Week 1 from Bonnie Bright's blogpost.

    Cost for the remaining 3 sessions is just $75, or per session is $30. Come join us!

    An Archetypal Perspective on Clinical Practice: A Summary of an Introductory Teleseminar Lecture by…
    An Archetypal Perspective on Clinical Practice A Summary of an Introductory Teleseminar Lecture by Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti   A few days ago…
  • Hi Leslie. I'm sorry you didn't get the info. I'm not sure where the breakdown occurred, but the first session WAS archived and is available for immediate listening for everyone. Click here to listen/download (Note that the 'waiting music' at the beginning lasts 2:25).

    Also, I'm working on a written summary from my notes that I'll post soon. I thought the session was excellent: hope you enjoy it too.
  •  I never did receive instructions on how to (log on) to the lecture.

     This sort of thing might speak to the small number of people that are interested in attending the virtual lecture, in that this sort of experience might not be isolated. Best of luck I hope there is a recorded record of the lecture that I might be able to access or purchase in the future.

     Regards Les Birleson

  • Enjoyed it! Thank you.

  • Education Institution

    Hi Aneeqa, we would be happy to have you attend tonight's seminar.  If you could please email me with your email I can send you the call in, log on, and replay information.  This invitation extends to everyone!

  • yes me too please... how do i log onto it?
  • Can't wait! Yay! Thank you!
  • The I've never done a teleseminar master class.Is it streamed over the computer? Could you give me some nuts and bolts on how to log on. I would like to attend the lecture it sounds fascinating.

     thank you Les

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