Join us for an exploration – literary, painterly, poetic, musical, natural and philosophical – to reanimate the flow of beauty and soulfulness alongside the Arno river. This journey of mind, body and soul will be led by Jeanne Bresciani Ph.D., a Florentine American, who has led one-of-a-kind journeys and festivals throughout Italy for over twenty years. We shall thrive amidst convivium in fine dining, musical concerts, individual artistry within studio immersions and all-encompassing gardens and natural grotto settings. Infused with the spirit of Renaissance imagination and invention, we discover the world and rediscover ourselves.

A magnificent journey is planned for a sojourn to the heart of Renaissance Florence, Lucca and Monsummano Terme, to the sensibility of a life and times when the discovery of the world equaled the discovery of oneself. During ‘vendemmia’ – the height of the growing cycle  – we shall celebrate a Tuscan harvest of art, ideas and natural wonders. We will travel through sites considered among the most aesthetically beautiful, elegant and ennobling in the world.

Traversing the byways of Florence and the banks of the Arno River, we will find seamless fusing of spirit and matter. Participants will experience the great treasures and the privately held masterpieces of Tuscany. We will seek messages from the stone and metalwork, oils and canvas, sky and light, flowers and trees, fountains and vines on the true Florentine gold around, among and within us. And in so doing we shall, as Isadora suggested, “consciously seek, what we have unconsciously lost.”

Among highlights of our days and nights are:

  • Etruscan inspired morning visualization and therapeutic exercises
  • Day journey on the corso de la vita – ‘the road of life’ at the exquisite, centuries-old, healing chambers of Grotta Giusti Terme Spa
  • Specialized seminars at the Palazzo Vecchio, Vasari Corridor, and Florentine Gardens
  • Festive meals in convivium, nourishing both body and soul

Our path, whether in city or country, shall be one with the sacred Tuscan topography, for the sake of the body and the soul with desire for a Renaissance unto rapture.
Please join us and nurture your own Artistry of the Soul, which will enjoy a deep reawakening within the Northern Italian world of beauty, art, nature and culture. This unique journey has been created for enthusiasts of the mythic and imaginal, welcoming participants from diverse fields of experience and interest.
Register by July 1st to receive the gift of a 'Botticelli' inspired, pure silk tunic, scarf and sac and something equally 'Italic' for the gentlemen.  More details, including daily trip itinerary and registration information are available at

Please visit The Isadora Duncan International Institute website for registration and further information.

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