As a Depth/Transpersonal soul-centered coach, I am interested in conducting research with individuals and small groups who have worked with  psychedelics for psychospiritual healing.

Psychedelics are once again taking on huge mainstream interest, particularly with the introduction of clinical trials (some now late stage) by some very reputable institutions over the past few years.

If you are already working with psychedelics or plant medicine, you may already be well aware that psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy with MDMA (related to ecstasy), psilocybin (related to mushrooms), Ibogaine, Ketamine, and LSD are just a few of the subjects of clinical trials (See the MAPS website--Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies--for more information).

Many of these are being used to successfully treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, alcohol and drug addictions, just to name a few.

While the U.S. is already beginning to see legalization of cannabis for therapeutic use (i.e., medical marijuana) in at least 33 states (plus D.C.) and Canada has legalized it at the federal level, some evidence suggests that MDMA and psilocybin may both be approved for prescription by psychiatrists (and used therapeutically in conjunction with licensed and trained psychotherapists) as early as 2021.

The potential implications for psychological benefits and contribution to overall well-being when such substances are used with the proper "set" and "setting" with spiritual intentions are promising. 

Whether you have traveled to South America to work with ayahuasca, or experienced other psychedelics or plant medicines in your own personal quest for healing, it may be advantageous to process your experience by talking through it with a certified depth/transpersonal oriented coach. 

This research is inspired in part by recent publications including Michael Pollen’s “How to Change Your Mind—What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence;  “Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety” by Rachel Harris, PhD, and “Consciousness Medicine: Indigenous Wisdom, Entheogens, and Expanded States of Consciousness for Healing and Growth” by Francoise Bourzat and Kristina Hunter. 

if you are interested in participating in either individual or small group online gatherings to share some of your experiences and begin to decode ways in which you can further integrate insights and healing into your personal life and relational dynamics, please email with your contact info and a paragraph or two about about your interest.

NOTE: This research initiative is focused on coaching and integration for individuals who have prior psychedelic experiences they wish to discuss.

All participants information will be kept strictly confidential and any names or other identifying factors will never be shared outside the initial individual or small group research parameters.

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