• Jun 25, 2016 from 3:30am to 10:30am
  • Location: 439 Union Street, Hudson, NY
  • Latest Activity: Jun 25
As one of my mentors, the menstrual scholar and activist, Chris Bobel, has said, menstruation is a bodily reality that is a part of a larger whole, and that larger whole is embodiment.

Embodiment involves active relating to all the different aspects that make us who we are. Our ideas, our emotions, our experiences, our cultural background, the way we show up and move through the world, our bodies, our sense of self, our sense of connection to what’s larger than the self. The Red Wheel workshop is based on a model of integration between body, heart, mind, and soul, that welcomes the full, complex beauty of who you are.

Whether you experience PMS, PMDD, feel as though menstruation and your sense of identity are in conflict, would like support around fertility, a reproductive experience (abortion, miscarriage, birth), or surgery, or you want to expand the way you experience and think of menstruation, this workshop is valuable to you.

Red Wheel is an innovative and healing opportunity to explore the stories you hold in your body, to deeply empower and expand your menstrual awareness, well-being, and unique embodied autonomy in a safe and open space, in community with a small group of menstrual souls.

When you sign up here, you will receive an exercise to guide you in finding two objects that represent aspects of your menstrual story. Please bring these objects with you to the workshop. You will introduce yourself with these story-objects and take them home with you.

Discover your empowered menstrual embodiment.

red wheel • saturday, june 25th • 10:30am - 5:30pmaletis house, 439 union street, hudson, ny

there is space for 8 menstrual soulswear comfortable clothes. light refreshments provided, bring a bagged lunch

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