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Remembering Dr. Robert Moore and Dr. Margaret Shanahan:
A Community Conversation

The recent tragic deaths of Jungian analyst and author Dr. Robert Moore and his wife, Dr. Margaret Shanahan
have shocked and bewildered many. In an act of murder-suicide, Moore took the life of his wife and then turned the gun upon himself.

Dr. Margaret Shanahan was an educator who worked for cross-cultural awareness and equal opportunity for women and minorities for over 40 years. She lectured internationally on developmental issues of psychology, particularly as it relates to the unique difficulties that women face in realizing their optimal psychological growth in the world of work, love, and intimacy. Many of her lectures have been published in professional journals. She had a devoted clientele and was loved by many.

Moore had a widely influential role in the men’s movement of the early 90s. He is particularly remembered for his important book series, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. Unlike so many self-help books, Moore’s series was not only helpful for men struggling with an array of recovery issues, it was also solidly grounded in well researched Jungian theory.

Moore also, through literally hundreds of hours of lectures, workshops, and seminars (many available through the Chicago Jung Institute and Moore’s own website, https://www.robertmoore-phd.com/) synthesized the work of theologian Paul Tillich, anthropologist Victor Turner, historian of religion Mircea Eliade, self psychologist Heinz Kohut, and many others, with the Jungian approaches of Anthony Stevens, Edward Edinger, and of Jung himself.

In his talks, Moore repeatedly exhorted his listeners to get the help that they needed. Many of us are now asking why he was unable to get the help that he himself obviously desperately needed. Join us for a community conversation as we remember Robert Moore and ponder the impact that his life and tragic death have had on those of us who have been touched by him and his work. We particularly want to honor the memory of his wife and victim, Dr. Margaret Shanahan.

Note: This event is not meant to be a tribute - our hope is to provide a space for people to begin to process the horrible event of a murder suicide in the depth psychology community.

Mark Sipowicz, James Newell, Gary Bobroff, and Jeremy Murray

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