The psychologist, Burrhus Skinner remarked,


“Twenty-five hundred years ago it might have been said that man understood himself as well as any other part of his world. Today he is the thing he understands least.”


The sacred geometry classes will explore each of the 9 numerological archetypes and have you draw an artwork to symbolise them. You will explore a host of esoteric concepts and be guided to understand your soul blueprint as revealed by your numerology chart.


Drawing sacred geometry symbols takes us beyond the rational mind to engage the body, emotions and soul.


Sacred Geometry Class

Suitable for:


Sacred Geometry for beginners

Numerology students

People wanting to explore their soul blueprint

Those drawn to mystery school/esoteric principles

Art therapists

Those drawn to Jungian/Shadow work

People committed to personal development & spiritual development

Kinaesthetic learners


All drawing materials and tools are provided.


Includes meals and accommodation.


Set in a peaceful Blue Mountains backdrop nestled into bushlands.


Our Blue Mountains Retreat centre is on the outskirts of Sydney, NSW and close to public transport.


*Book a midweek program and save $50 off your sacred geometry workshop.


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