• Jun 30, 2015 from 12:30pm to 2:00pm
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An online discussion facilitated by Gillian Isaacs Russell

As we turn toward technology to mediate all types of relational connection, many psychotherapists are enthusiastically embracing computer-mediated treatment. Ironically, this land rush towards “screen relations” based treatment comes at the very time when leading researchers on how technology shapes relationships are voicing serious concerns about the damage technological mediation does to both intimate connection and reflective solitude. Do therapeutic couples need the traditional experience of presence and not just technologically simulated presence to deepen psychoanalytic process?

Gillian Isaacs Russell will explore this question through the lens of informatics, neuroscience, infant development, and psychoanalysis. In view of the current state of communication technology and the fact that we have evolved to relate as bodies together, it will be argued that we need to experience presence in a shared environment to “keep it real.” Discussion will be encouraged about the clinical--and global-- implications of bodies being together and apart.

About Gillian Isaacs Russell 

Gillian Isaacs Russell, Ph.D. is a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council and has been in private practice since 1988. She has been on the Editorial Board and Book Review Editor of the British Journal of Psychotherapy. Dr Isaacs Russell consults, supervises, lectures and teaches internationally, and recently published the book Screen Relations. She currently lives with her family in Boulder, Colorado.

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  • oops typo - ought to be...For me anomalous experiences...

  • Hi Johanne - I'm not sure if I heard this correctly, but I thought I heard her say that "reverie" is not possible in screen relations.  I am not sure I like the term "screen" when we are discussing at-a-distance or non-locality and the other important point is a state of spiritual reverie dependent upon the presence of another human being?  For me master, anomalous experiences are not dependent upon on matter and are spiritual in nature [God particle, Spirit molecules], divine, mysterious etheric body manifestations noted auric energy fields are they not?   

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    Wow, Linda, I had really similar thoughts. I haven't done research into computer-mediated treatment, but what I have experience with, is that, sure, it's qualitative different, but not necessarily in a plan-b sort of way. So much food for thought.

  • Good afternoon Johanne - I just finished listening to Screen Relations and there is much food for thought in there.

    There was one comment that jumped out when she stated, "We do not know what the "depth dynamic is?"  And I say, awe but some do.  The other thing I really noticed is she speaks of a two dimensional screen, but also presented as a two dimensional being [mind + body] and I do not believe I heard "spirit" or psyche or soul mentioned at all.  Just noticing.  

    One more important thing is I totally disapprove of transference of any research from rat brain changes noted in experiments into the human realm of being. 

    A few of my immediate thoughts and thanks so much for this opportunity.    Peace + Love Linda

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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the time confusion. Here is the recording of the event:

    All the best,


  • Hi Robert - thanks Rick, tomorrow is still possible for me, if I receive the "Connect to the Webinar" link information in time.  I am spatially challenged by time and time zones too!  Brings a smile to my face anyways - the glitches, complexities of it all.  If not this time, perhaps another - simply let go and lift it up.

  • And, it is 2:30 am over there now. 

  • Linda, 

    I believe you may have done the same thing I did.  CEST is Central European Summer Time.  The teleconference is not until tomorrow for us in the US.  1:30pm EST.  I for one am time zone dumb..., I need Time Zones For Dummies.  Let's hope there will be a recording for those of us who are unable to attend. 

  • Good evening - I believed I was registered, however when I went to pull up the information to connect this evening [2030] my time [MST] - I have I trust that if I am meant to attend, participate I shall receive the connecting to the Webinar information.  Thank you. Linda

  • I also want to know if there will be a recording afterwards.  I got messed up with the time differences and came at 7:30 pm EST.  I have patients during the time of the actual conference discussion.  

    Will there be a recording afterwards? 

    Thank you, 

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