See You in Your Dreams–A Dream Seminar

with Jeremiah Abrams

Dreaming For Self-Knowledge And Inner Guidance


In the last analysis, most of our difficulties come from
losing contact with our instincts, with the age-old 
unforgotten wisdom that is stored up in us.
And where do we make contact
with this old man or old woman in us?
In our dreams.
–C.G. Jung

      This seminar is an introduction to the art and practice of dream interpretation.  Our focus is how to engage your dreaming for self-knowledge and inner guidance

          Dreaming is a unique resource:  in symbolic language and imagery, dreams concisely deliver important personal information to the dreamer.  Your dreaming tells you what you need to know about your conscious circumstance and can help you to construct a life of meaning.  Dreamwork is a perfect tool for inner development. The skill-set to work with dreams is innate and the learning curve is gentle.  
          There is a constructive approach to dream interpretation, a practical technique of interacting with the dreaming, that operates on a simple assumption: your dreaming will never present anything to you that you are not personally ready to integrate. 
          The process of recalling dreams is very suggestible. We know from sleep laboratory discoveries that everyone dreams every night, many dreams, about one dream period every ninety minutes.  People who say they never dream are simply not remembering their dreams.
          Participants will learn how to remember and interpret their dreaming, become aware of how their dreams compensate and balance conscious attitudes, and find out how to listen for the cautionary and the progressive guidance in their dreaming. 

JEREMIAH ABRAMS LCSW, MPC     Steeped in the psychology of C.G. Jung and seasoned by clinical practice, Jeremiah Abrams has worked as a psychotherapist since 1972, in addition to teaching, training, consulting and writing. He is a dynamic teacher and is considered an authority on the human Shadow. His books include the best-selling Meeting the ShadowThe Shadow in America; and Reclaiming the Inner Child. His 3-CD audio program,The Dreamtime Journey: The Path of Direct Experience, is now available.  

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