June 25-29, 2012 in Colorado with Animas Valley Institute guides Bill Plotkin and Peter Scanlan

This training is designed primarily for trainees in the Animas SAIP program, but is also open (by application) to guides working in the settings of wilderness, rites of passage, soul initiation, psychotherapy, coaching, etc.

During this training, we'll develop our skills, as nature-based soul guides, in being with and working with:

·Overpowering emotional charges triggered by other people and by encounters in the natural world

·Projections and transferences

·Shadow: strategies for spotting, unmasking, and assimilating the dark shapes of Shadow

·Loyal soldiers: the sub-personalities that have been keeping us "safe" since early childhood by keeping us small

·Our sacred wounds -- our core vulnerabilities -- that have kept us stuck in the Old Story, but that also provide the priceless opportunity, when we are ready, to remythologize our lives.

Working in dyads, triads, and full group, we will practice underworld guiding by working with shadow elements that emerge between us in the training group, in our dreams, in our lives more generally, and while wandering on the land and interacting with the Others. We'll hone our skills by serving as guides for each other, and through discussion, feedback, and suggestions.

The training will also include instruction and practice in the guidance of the Heart Warrior Council, a format for acknowledging projections and transferences existing within the group and for uncovering the soul-revealing experiences waiting there.

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