• May 8, 2014 at 5:00am to Jun 12, 2014 at 6:00am
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In this six week clinical seminar for clinicians only, we will focus on illuminating the forces at work within addictive behavior patterns which may include drugs, alcohol, and pornography from the perspective of Jung's approach to a psyche which has been absorbed into the sphere of the archetypal.

An Archetypal Perspective on Difficult Clinical Cases

Jung understood that the winds of psyche often blow so powerfully that the individual is absorbed into the sphere of the archetypal, and the floodgates are overtaken by these transpersonal influences. It is in this place that the individual's decisions and behaviors are eclipsed by the archetype-often drawing them into the world of compulsive and addictive behaviors including sexuality, drugs, pornography, and alcohol. While such episodes can be transformative, positive change is often compromised-- because the possession, under the guise of compulsive behavior, continues to hold the individual within its grips.

In treatment it is common that the processes of entrainment work to draw both members of the therapeutic dyad into the field of the activated archetype. For the patient this results in the strengthening of these autonomous complexes; for the therapist, a loss and blurring of clinical judgment, boundaries, and sense of Self. Herein lies the greatest challenge and potential danger.

Dr. Conforti's more than 30 years of clinical experience coupled with his findings on the workings of archetypal fields, positions him well to work with these issues. In addition, his work on initial conditions and the generation of archetypal form often provides a telescopic view into the waiting archetypal trajectory. If enacted this complex often creates terrible damage, while if understood, creates a wonderful opportunity for genuine spiritual transformation.

This 6 week seminar is for clinicians only and due to the nature of the material, registration is limited.

Call to Register: (802) 254-6220 

*Due to the nature of this work, registration is limited for this seminar.


Cost: Tuition -- $250

Time: Thursdays, 12 PM -1 PM ET

Dates: May 8 through June 12

Call to Register: (802) 254-6220  

Questions? Call or email assisi@together.net

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