History is offering us a rare opportunity to go inward and reflect on a world-wide experience. Perhaps you have wondered, “How will the world change from COVID and our other current crises?”

The Creator’s Art Confluence focuses on the idea that the individual Self is the source of creative vision. If we are to see real and lasting change in society, we must be willing to reach outside our usual arenas. This Confluence will explore possibilities through mutual support, dialog, experiential arts, active imagination and engaging in ritual and play.

Conceived by six presenters from around the US, for re-imagining a civilization, through a depth psychological perspective, that is not suicidal. Imagine that! We firmly believe humanity can transcend our tragic oblivious past to create a better, more relational and responsive culture that can perhaps save many endangered species. Like us!
The Creator's Art; a Confluence for Art, Psychology and Renewal is a gathering of people from around the world who will meet to face ourselves–the cause of the crises that face our troubled world– and hopefully the cure as well. It's a huge problem and we are tiny creatures, but we must act! If we're saved in the end, it will be because of the effort of a few creative, compassionate individuals. 
In an intimate gathering of only 40 at the historic Tim Holmes Studio we will share creative techniques for change by asking the basic question that religion asks: "What wants to awaken in you?" We also offer some free and some extra-cost tours (like to Yellowstone Park) for those new to Montana. Participation is limited for intimacy, but if you'd like to request an invitation or to participate online, or if you have questions, please visit: https://confluence22.org/
Some scholarships and free housing available.
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