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What if the increasingly disruptive external circumstances in the world are just a mirror of the ennui we’re feeling internally?

Sogyal Rinpoche spoke of the necessity of dethroning the rational mind when he said, “The ordinary mind has a false, dull stability, a smug and self-protective inertia, a stone-like calm of ingrained habits.”

Like most of us, Richard Tarnas initially thought that evolving one’s consciousness involved ascending a very tall cognitive ladder with graded hierarchical steps that represent successive developmental stages in which we solve increasingly challenging mental riddles. In the words of Joseph Campbell, he was mythically challenged. Upon studying with leading-edge thinkers and depth psychologists he began a holistic view of understanding the world which drew on archetypes. As he puts it:

“Our worldview and cosmology, which defines the context for everything else, is profoundly affected by the degree to which all out faculties–intellectual, imaginative, aesthetic, moral, emotional, somatic, spiritual, relational–enter the process of knowing.”

The journey of individuation known as the hero’s journey begins with the archetype of The Fool, also known as the jester, trickster or dummling.

Looking at real life examples, fictional ones as well as our personal experiences with the archetype, we won’t be taking a dry, abstract approach but one that is alive and practical in application.

Illuminating concepts are balanced by an immersive and collaborative employment of life story exploration and authentic relating.

Working with an intimate group (maximum of 10 participants) the intention is to develop an ongoing support circle as we each hold space for and assist in the midwifing of one another’s aspirations and self-actualisation. Lunch and dinner are provided.

Stories have always been the most powerful tool in assisting us to bypass the conscious mind to strike us in our gut, or heart centre. Capturing the transformative nature of archetypal understanding, Caroline Myss said:

“If you know your archetypes - and not just yours, if you know how to perceive the world in archetypes, through archetypes - everything changes. Everything. Because you have two things: you can see through one eye which is impersonal, and through the other, which is personal. That's the way the game is written down here.”

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