• Mar 24, 2022 from 10:00am to 10:00pm
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Deep Knowing shamanic pilgrimage FREE w/ book purchase



In this book event and shamanic pilgrimage, I'll read a short passage from Deep Knowing, answer questions about my work with clients and the shamanic field, and we'll do a pilgrimage into the field. In the pilgrimage, you'll receive the primary metaphoric image that's working you right now and experience the powerful intelligence of this realm of deep wisdom.

The event includes audio recording, handouts & the opportunity to work individually w/Kim.

Deep knowing is a shift of being. It's a shift from living with our limited human mind to the expansive intelligence of the Divine. When we're in sync with this divine intelligence, nothing of this world can stop us. That's true brilliance.



Reviews of  Deep Knowing: Entering the Realm of Non-Ordinary Intelligence:

Not since Carlos Castenada’s books 40 years ago have I had such a strong reaction. This is very powerful stuff.”  ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, bestselling author of Flow: The psychology of optimal experience

“This book will put you into a different state of mind. It will move you. It’s electrifying.”   ~ Tama Kieves, author of Thriving through Uncertainty and other books



We don’t get breakthroughs by thinking harder or better. Breakthroughs happen when we open spaces we didn’t know existed.

Deep Knowing will show you how to tap divine wisdom and creative powers that are only accessible when we move beyond the linear mind.

Please join us to journey into a realm of potent Source energies and powerful intelligence that is not of this world. We humans are brilliant when we allow Something greater to move through us. As you anchor in this vibrational field, you’ll discover newfound clarity and unforeseen possibility. You’ll also experience flow, grace, ease, strength, and a deep sense of security and peace.

True visions (and paradigm-changing work) don’t come from the ego or the human thinking mind. They come from deep knowing.


  • something deep is nudging you
  • you’ve been haunted by a vision
  • you know you’re not living your purpose
  • you have a gift you’re afraid to fully step into
  • you’re resisting a call from Spirit because it feels way too big.
  • Own your spiritual gifts & resources

Please join us. Only this realm knows what you need for your whole life to change.




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