• Nov 17, 2016 from 11:30am to 1:00pm
  • Location: "Carroll College, Helena, MT—Times listed are MOUNTAIN Time, so event starts at 6:30pm Pacific Time"
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 “Vulnerable Humanity, Predictable Machines” is a one-day symposium that looks at the less emphasized properties of the human spirit. Instead of our ability to reason, the suggestion here is that our propensity to be vulnerable, unpredictable, arbitrary, and at times, unreasonable, are the very things that make material reductionism nonsensical and, thus save humanity from a life of artificial robotic realities.

This is the first of three symposia in the coming year intended to foster community dialog about the threats and promises of the rapid approach of AI. The challenge: how do humans survive into the age of AI?

This session will be LIVESTREAMED for Depth Psychology Alliance. Simply click on this link to join the live stream on Zoom at (or before 7:30 pm MST/6:30 pm PST)

• Is it meaningful to say that unpredictability can be programmed?
• Can artificial intelligence be unreasonable?
• Why is it to be vulnerable is to be human?
• Can a computer enjoy odd human behavior?
• Are vulnerability, unpredictability, arbitrariness and unreasonableness void of “reasoning”, “thinking” or “consciousness”?  
• Do the arguments against material reductionism pertain to non-human animals, too? 

TO join this event via LIVE STREAM, click here at the time of the event

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