Steven R. Vazquez, Ph. D. is a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Texas. Dr. Vazquez is the founder of the new psychotherapy method, Emotional Transformation Therapy® (ETT®). Through this method he has innovated breakthroughs in the non-drug treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder, addictions, depression, anxiety disorders and couple therapy. He has developed methods for correcting sleep disorders. Dr. Vazquez has also developed breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic physical pain conditions such as low back pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, tempero mandibular joint pain, Morton’s neuroma, arthritis and pain from accidents and injuries. He has developed methods for treating religious and spiritual issues and a technique to facilitate states of extreme wellbeing. Dr. Vazquez is the author of two books, Emotional Transformation Therapy and Accelerated Ecological Psychotherapy as well as Spiritually Transformative Psychotherapy. He has written several professional articles for peer reviewed professional journals. His work has been cited in several books and articles.

Dr. Vazquez has been in private practice for over thirty-eight years in the Texas. He has provided over forty presentations at professional conferences and conducted over a hundred professional trainings. Dr. Vazquez has presented his work in eight different countries and in most U. S. cities. His presentations usually include live demonstrations with volunteers.

Dr. Vazquez has developed an innovative form of non-touch energy healing originating from his own spiritual awakening in 1984. He was selected as one of the three most advanced healers along with Barbara Brennen and John Pierokos to be subjects in a scientific study of healers. This study resulted in the published article The Anthropological and Scientific Case for Psychoenergetic Healing by Charles Zeiders in 2003. His healing work has been cited in the 1994 Time-Life book, Repair and Renewal. He has conducted numerous presentations on this method across the U. S. and in Europe. In addition, to the alleviation of numerous forms of emotional distress and physical pain, he was able to facilitate recovery of vision in 1988 with a woman who was blind from birth.

This energetic method is based on a spiritual awakening, not a specific formula. It focuses on the facilitator’s state of consciousness and less upon techniques. Dr. Vazquez has written one of only a very few articles concerning ethics in energy healing. This process combines psychological counseling techniques with energy healing. It is original but does overlap with some concepts from other energetic systems. He accepts people regardless of their religious or spiritual orientations and does not try to convince people to believe a certain way.

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