Awesome, awesome, awesome Alliance Meetup and Speaker evening in the SF Bay Area tonight. Thank you all so much!--It does my heart good to connect like that, and it was so fun to meet so many of you in person that I didn't know before. I'll try to write about it in the next few days so everyone here in the community can share the juicy details.

Big thanks to Gary Bobroff, our wonderful speaker, as well. The way he integrated the science and phenomon of crop circles with the deep mystery and symbolic (depth) meaning of what's going on in our culture both individually and collectively was deeply touching and profound.

Thanks all!

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  • Thank you you guys!  I really loved being there with you guys last nite it was a special evening for me.  So lovely to presenting to like-minded depth folks and so much wonderful work that you all are doing.  Neat people met and a good time had.  Thank you Bonnie!  I really appreciated my time with you and am looking forward to more.  See you at the next one!  Gary Bobroff (

  • Thank you Bonnie for taking us beyond our individual spheres into the pleasure of fellowship rich in soul!  The Friday evening event in Marin was more than worth the commute from Sacramento. 

    Gary's presentation was moving and thought provoking -- taking me beyond the automatic responses to eerie phenomena that seek to explain them rather than to open to experiencing them...being effected and changed by them. I glimpsed what it might be like to stand in a crop circle and allow myself to enter its world, and to have my visceral comprehension of the ensouled matter of the cosmos deepened -- altered.  

    LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE!!! And hope to see events popping up in every region where there are Alliance members.

    • Thank you Rebecca.  Heart-warming :)

  • I forgot to say something to those who are forming (or are thinking of forming) local chapters across the country: do it!  Gather.  Meet up.  Even if it's a small group to start.  Our experience last night was a powerful one.  Something I found especially meaningful was the variety of depth people on hand -- grad students from  several institutions, therapists, artists, a Jungian analyst.  What a beautiful blend of talents and points of view.  With Bonnie's guidance and Gary's attentiveness to symbol and soul I feel like we started to cook something delicious here.  What can you make to season the stew?             

    • Thank you Dennis.  Great meeting you both.  Glad you're on Team Bonnie! :)

  • Thank you so much, Bonnie, for bringing us together for the first SF Bay Area meetup and speaker evening.  It was special to meet and talk with others who share a love for psyche and soul.  You are a gift to my life and the community you're building makes such a difference to me.  And you're right about Gary -- he's a gem.  His presentation overflowed with wisdom and love for the wonder of psyche and the unique role depth psychology plays in the healing of our injured world.  I left the evening inspired and touched and re-energized.  I met a host of other people who felt the same way.  So thank you again for bringing us together.    

  • I would love to see Gary's presentation someday.  I'm glad to hear it was such a nice night.

    About 3 years ago I started looking at crop circles outside of the consensus mindset of ignore-ance of the phenomenon (which I had been immersed in).  Those explorations definitely were a big part of the latest phase of my own greater movement  of unfolding and my increasing ability to see those beautiful patterns enfolded in my own personal story of growing up and losing soul and rediscovering her.  I enjoyed listening to  your interview with Gary, Bonnie. Some nice new perspectives for me to ponder ... 

    Here's a link to three different  interviews with Neil Kramer on the C-Realm podcast -- about the phenomenon of crop circles.


    It was Kramer's lucid voice (much like Gary's voice) that helped ease me into the bigness of such thing as crop circles  -- in a way where I didn't want to just turn around and dismiss it  as all being done by bunch of hoaxers with planks attached to their feet stomping the crops down in the middle of the night.  

    • Chris--Thanks for your links and commentary on crop circles. I agree that many people dismiss them quickly as a hoax, (which of course is part of the larger discussion) because as a culture, we don't know what else to do with such a profound mystery. The scientific evidence is quite compelling as Gary points out in his book and talk, and if we dare to actually consider SOMETHING is happening here but don't have a container for it, what do we do with it? That's why depth psychology is such a powerful container for the phenomenon, I think, and why Gary's work using a Jungian lens makes so much sense....

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