I am pleased and proud to announce the launch of Immanence: The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and Folktale. It is the only journal of its kind in existence, and as such fills a huge gap.

Although Immanence is not an academic journal, it will feature one academic article per edition. Published online twice a year starting Fall 2016, Immanence will offer high-quality and carefully selected articles, columns, poetry, and artwork that focuses on how folkloric motifs recur in daily life and current events, offering possibilities for connecting the past with the present while creatively elaborating the plots and images, characters and dreams so present in the world’s fund of myths, folktales, fairy tales, and other stories of wonder and fantasy.

Although the journal will often favor a psychological focus on folklore, other approaches will also be featured. We are looking for diverse viewpoints, and we particularly favor submissions from writers telling us about stories they grew up with.

The annual cost of the journal is $20/year for regular subscribers and $15/year for students and adjunct faculty members. Print copies are available via downloaded PDF files. Visit our website for details.

The journal is produced by the finest Editorial Board anyone could ask for, and it is overseen by a Board of Mentors who have made substantive and far-ranging contributions to myth, folklore, and depth psychology. The journal also has a continually updated Facebook page and an active blog.

Please feel free to share this with everyone who might be interested in a venture in service to the reenchantment of our relations with ourselves, each other, our world, and the cosmos.

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