Laura Smith-Riva replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Posting Etiquette at the Alliance
"Seems reasonable and appropriate. Thanks for addressing this."
May 25, 2016
Victor Cypert replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Posting Etiquette at the Alliance
"I think these are sensible, reasonable, and logical rules that promote intellectual curiosity while curtailing needless drama. Of course, I agree to them. "
May 20, 2016
Craig Chalquist, PhD replied to Mary Ellen O'Hare-Lavin, Ph. D.'s discussion The Trump Phenomena
"This is a reminder that this forum is not the place to engage in political invective. It is for respectful depth-psychological discussion. Please refer to the forum guidelines. "
May 9, 2016
Craig Chalquist, PhD posted an event
May 5, 2016
Linda AK Thompson, PhD replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Posting Etiquette at the Alliance
"Good afternoon Craig - thank you so much...this is wonderful and a welcomed resource!  Peace + Love Linda"
Apr 17, 2016
Mark Sipowicz replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Posting Etiquette at the Alliance
"Thanks for posting this Craig. I have read it and accept it. It feels like a sound and inviting manner to approach dialogue here at the Alliance. Appreciate the work you and others have put into this. 
Apr 16, 2016
Craig Chalquist, PhD replied to Dorene Mahoney's discussion April 2016 Board Meeting Minutes in Alliance Admin Board
"Thanks, Dorene."
Apr 12, 2016
Craig Chalquist, PhD posted an event

Mar 30, 2016 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm

California Institute of Integral Studies

Mar 25, 2016
Craig Chalquist, PhD replied to Julia Grant's discussion Why is Donald Trump so popular? A Jungian view.
"No name-calling allowed here."
Mar 14, 2016
Craig Chalquist, PhD replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Article: Why Being Near The Ocean Can Make You Calmer And More Creative in Ecopsychology
"I'm Cancer natal and rising, so that works for me.
See also "A Psyche the Size of the Sea.""
Feb 29, 2016
Craig Chalquist, PhD replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion Need feedback and example sites: Adding a paid membership tier in Alliance Admin Board
"I want to add Dorene's idea of a general note to everyone for a monthly contribution--say, $10--with a thanks to them by name if they want and letting them know how their money helps the Alliance. We could roll this out as part of a fundraiser. I've…"
Feb 27, 2016
Dale O'Brien replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Last Night's "Eye in the Sky" Dream
"Hello Donna,

I'm happy to share the resonance. As dreams can speak in puns, perhaps all one needs to sacrifice is one's "I" of ego-centeredness in order to receive true wisdom. In that way, no glass eye or eyepatch would be required!

Dream On,
Feb 9, 2016
Donna May replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Last Night's "Eye in the Sky" Dream
"Dale, your response re ODIN's sacrifice resonates with me. Thanks for sharing this."
Feb 9, 2016
Donna May replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Last Night's "Eye in the Sky" Dream
"Exquisite and synchronistic image!"
Feb 9, 2016
Dale O'Brien replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Last Night's "Eye in the Sky" Dream
"P.S.: Norse Sky God ODIN sacrificed one of his two eyes in order to acquire wisdom by drinking water from a sacred well"
Jan 29, 2016
Dale O'Brien replied to Craig Chalquist, PhD's discussion Last Night's "Eye in the Sky" Dream
""If it were my dream," I stand on Earth with "unidentified" terrestrial 'subjects' (human individuals), like myself. (This is in contrast to the common expression "unidentified flying objects.") If I take "the all-seeing eye" spiritually, it is the…"
Jan 27, 2016

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  • Listen to interview. enjoyed. The comment about the freeway behind your school. That's what caught me. I'm very fortunate here in Boulder Colorado (20 yrs) that I only ride my bicycle. Been about a year now since I've driven. I used to drive for a job ( years ago) big and small rigs. And I'll be honest sometimes I do miss my pickup (25 yrs old) which I gave away to Mexicans.   My Daughter lives on 2nd and Anza. Only rides her bicycle. Kinda freaks me out ( traffic) but she doesn't bicycle to much and is cautious. I'm sure she love San Francisco ( that part of it) because it doesn't have freeways. Plus she grew up here in Boulder which is to small potatoes for her. California is to crowded for me with the exception of the feather river of death valley ( just kidding). But as my Grandad ( rancher) used to say about California: " to many dam people". Take care buddy, Jeff

  • Anyhow, back to you--your eloquent discussion with Bonnie about being reflective before jumping into action and, perhaps, paying homage to these guardian beings before trying to annihilate them or the corporation makes sense to me. It is scoping up to a finer order of "seeing" things. There are mythic wars being fought that are outside our intellectual range of thought and certainly beyond our own learning edge that are better fought with depth methods than intellectual might and brawn. I'd love to hear more about your thoughts. Thank you for the wonderful and tireless work in this field. I miss having you as an instructor. I'm jealous of your Kennedy students.
  • I was cut off, so I'm going to leave the second part of my comment: It was about this time that I became very interested in a firm's "story." I realized that every successful company has a compelling story to tell--one that is rooted deep in its beginnings. For example, HP and starting in Packard's garage. I believe that it is the company's story (its strength or weakness) that most determines its success or failure. And I think that this goes back to the guardians themselves. Anyhow, when I later went into management consulting and got to engage with numerous companies in every industry, I began to look at the strength of my clients' stories as one dimension of my consulting inquiry. If a company's only story is to make boatloads of money, the story will not be strong enough to sustain the workforce or community. Perhaps a weak or strong story implicates in some way the guardians.
  • Hi Craig, I just listened to your discussion with Bonnie Bright and was really captivated by your clarity--it was such a learning. You are really working at the edge of what is known. I was especially interested in the section on Deep Education and your talk about working with the guardians of big corporations. I have to tell you a story from many years ago. You may not know, but concurrent with developing my corporate career in human resources, I was also developing my abilities as a seer with many different teachers over the years from various shamanic traditions. If I had not gotten this kind of help in my teens and 20's, I believe that I would be institutionalized today. Anyhow, in the early 80's, I was the corporate manager for human resources at Industrial Indemnity Company, which was a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation. Our headquarters operation was in San Francisco and we owned the 14-story building at the corner of California and Battery. We were a company of 1400 employees and 17 field divisions throughout the 10 western states. My office was on the sixth floor. I was responsible for setting HR policy for the whole company, plus my department handled the human resources duties for the 700 employees in the headquarters, plus those in two smaller subsidiaries located down Battery Street. I was in that job for six years. Again, privately, I was learning to work with energy and see and work with beings without bodies in my off hours (since 1977). At some point, it became very clear to me that there were two huge beings that oversaw this company. I never, of course, told anyone about them, but I experienced their presence whenever there were conflicts or shake-ups in the high echelon. Because I was involved in all the staff changes and performance issues with even the highest positions, I began to draw direct correlations between the success (or failure) of higher-ups and knew that these beings were "pulling the strings."

  • Hi Craig. Nice to "see" you here. I'm looking forward to staying connected via this alliance.
  • Hi Craig! What a treat to see your name on this site. Didn't Bonnie do a wonderful job? I hope you are well. Bonnie and JulieP are going to be pulling together a gathering of our cohort in the next couple of months--I hope you'll feel like joining us. I'll keep you posted!
  • Hey Craig! Welcome to the online Depth community! So glad to see you here and I'm grateful for your support. The community has taken off nicely and Iook forward to seeing it grow into a rich resource for all who are interested in the field.
This reply was deleted.

....Starbucks management would not have made fools of themselves by printing invitations on their coffee cups to discuss big topics like racism in America. Consulting DP: "It's a nice idea, but you're the container people, right? You wouldn't serve super-hot coffee without an adequate container, would you? If you're serious about furthering these difficult discussions, how about spending some of your revenue on paying diversity consultants and community leaders to facilitate safe and…

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Jung and Pauli

To write my Jung book, a critical examination of Jung's thought from an educator's point of view, I'm rereading him, including Psychology and Alchemy. Perhaps because of the topic, Jung ignores the wealth of Norse mythic imagery in Wolfgang ("Path of a Wolf") Pauli's dreams. Some seem to be about his personal myth, which could be the one-handed war god Tyr. Things often broke around Pauli ("the…
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A Brief Mythology of Petroleum

A depth look at oil production.

Introduction: Through a Mythic Rear-View Mirror

“The modern world is in some ways a dialogue between oil and water,” notes environmental professor David Orr in his book Earth in Mind:

Water makes life possible, while oil is toxic to most life. Water in its pure state is clear; oil is dark. Water dissolves; oil congeals. Water has…

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Depth versus Deep

Hi everyone,


I'm at work on an anthology with the working title Writings in Deep Psychology, and I thought I'd post a brief piece of it having to do with what constitutes "depth psychology." My anthology will include work from a number of pioneers, including Wundt (yes, Wundt: he did something for depth but most textbooks ignore it), Fechner (a tremendous nature mystic), William James, Pierre Janet, Freud and the Freudians, Jung and the Jungians, and work from…

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What is Deep Education?

What is Deep Education?

by Craig Chalquist, PhD


Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.
-- John Dewey

I am English by birth, but I am Early World Man. And I live in exile from the world community of my desire.
-- H. G. Wells

What if, as depth psychologically-minded cultural workers, we labored against falsely separating the…

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In the same measure as the conscious attitude may pride itself on a certain godlikeness
by reason of its lofty and absolute standpoint, an unconscious attitude develops with a
godlikeness oriented downwards to an archaic god whose nature is sensual and brutal.
--CG Jung, Psychological Types

Fight the big corporations. Kill the multinationals. Break up theconglomerates and the consortiums. The problem of how to do…

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