This journey taken in Nov. 2009 began with a dream more than 30 years ago. This journey has been very transformative for me. The landscape of the southern ice nourishes values like serenity, solitude , stillness and silence that nourish the soul.

Copies of the DVD can be purchased for $20 by

See an excerpt here

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  • Hi Folks,

    I'd like to affirm what Ed just said. I viewed the entire video over the weekend. It is a powerful meditation and truly poetic! It will make a stunning addition to anyone's resource collection working ecopsychology with a larger audience and in small group work. It is another example of a poetic approach to psyche-making which includes the unconscious life of our environs within the psychogenetics in nature. I love this video!

    Bravo, Robert! 

  • My experience was one likened to a guided meditation. As a closet monastic (Francis-type), I found great freedom within the stillness. It reminded me of a moment within the Franco Zeffirelli movie "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" when Francis gazes out across a snow covered field and says, "Words, words. I once believed in words." I will revisit the space on the DVD again.
  • Robert: This is a stunning video. The combination of images and music--along with your prolific and contemplative voiceover--creates a remarkable mood. I feel I have entered another dimension. I had the pleasure of seeing the whole thing at the ICC conference, The Aesthetic Nature of Change, last year, but am reminded that I need my own copy that I can experience it in my own space as well. Thanks for posting the info--I'm emailing you now with my request.
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