Hanna Bogen, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Social-Cognitive Specialist based in Los Angeles, CA, with a primary focus on therapies and interventions that support self-regulation, social communication, executive functioning, and speech and language deficits. Hanna is the co-creator of Brain Talk (www.braintalktherapy.com), a metacognitive curriculum designed to teach students about their brains, and how to use the executive function capacities of the prefrontal cortex to respond mindfully rather than react impulsively. In addition to working as a therapist, Hanna trains and consults with school and therapy teams in and out of California to support greater understanding of her areas of specialty, as well as how to support students from pre-school through young adulthood at home, school and in the community. She works with a diverse population of clients, including those diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, and speech and/or language disorders. You can learn more about Hanna Bogen and contact her at www.hannabogen.com.

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