Greetings fellow depth travelers,


When Women who run with wolves first was published, I wasn't yet "deep" enough to really engage with the work - but several years later, in the midst of a midlife transformation, I found myself in my depths and found CPE's (as she likes to be called these days) audio works and I was mesmerized and mended by her melodious teaching stories.


Since then, I have read most of WWRWTW and listened to most all of her audio teachings and found great richness and wisdom in her life's work. She is a gifted teacher and her audio works are excellent.


Recently, she seems to have extricated her life's work from some legal contracts that held her opus hostage and she has been releasing a bounty through - Mother Night, the Dangerous Old Woman and more. As part of that flowering and flowing, she is coming out of hibernation to offer a F2F training in Colorado.


I am posting this here in case there are others who might be interested in attending.


The title of the intensive is:

The Mysterium: Psychology... in the Truest Sense of the Word

Registration information here...



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  • Well - it seems the event is full and now is waitlisted. But for those interested in her work - she does plan to continue to serialize The Dangerous Old Woman through audio releases on If you sign up for one of the live events, she does take questions at the end and is generous with her time and teaching.



    • I believe I have all her tapes and CDs. After hearing her voice, its hard to imagine getting as deep an experience just from the printed page. :)
      • So true Ed... and I find that I want both! both the audio AND the written to refer to and underline and use for bibliomancy.


        I am really looking forward to this program.



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