• Being earth-dependent can't be such a bad thing in comparison to some other habits. I live (at the moment, but it might change someday) in a house relatively far away from the road and I can see a forest (not as wild and chaotic as I'd like it to be, but still a forest) through a window. Getting clean can mean feeling more responsible and feeling sedated. I am hardwired for both responses, but I don't know always which reaction is more relevant and when.

  • That man just kills me!  I live in the middle of a very natural environment that ironically is in the middle of a city!  I find that each time I've tried to leave, that I simply cannot. This canyon has become my mother.The very thought of it throws me into a state of utter despair. Getting clean here, has, ironically become my dependency, my addiction. So am I not clean because I am so earth-dependent?

    Thank you CGJ for always being there, as in dreams, nature, and, for better or worse,  richer or poorer,  our own natures! 

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