• I suppose a good book about this topic is (instead of Castaneda who had his moments, but was a terrible role model) is "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks. I haven't read it (I'll correct this mistake sooner rather than later), so I might be wrong. It seems I'm not wrong about this one.

  • "Sometimes your only available transformation is a leap of faith." ~ Margaret Shepard
  • Someone (e.g. Joseph Campbell) should have really good reasons to claim something like that, something based on personal experience. Since we are capable to analyze only a limited amount of information during a specific time interval, it really doesn’t make much sense to be focused on fear, panic, and hesitation while trying to do something. But, does fortune really follow the brave, is there something creating the hero journey, something seeing the journey from the end? Is there still a place left for those willing to dare and be bold in a strictly defined surrounding in which only chance is given to those who strive for more of the same? Few would dare to take a leap of that cliff and even hear the inner voice silenced by TV placed at the altar in the living room. Unless it has something to do with war or something equally stupid: (Carlos Castaneda Hoax - Is It Dangerous?).
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