I'm new to the group and have just published the above title.  I am open to a journal review of it, an interview about it, or any other discussion that may interest folks.

For more information about it, you can see it at Amazon.com, or use the link to my personal website www.spiritualdreams.yolasite.com

The book is written from a Jungian perspective (a la James Hollis). Constructive comments about the website itself are also welcome.



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  • Hello Darlene,

    I was welcomed aboard by Ed so I'm a newbie to the DPA community.

    I am most interested in you book, as I have been recording my dreams in a journal, as part of my inner work. I've adapted Robert Johnson's methods to explore the meaning of dreams, including Active Imagination. Is your book available in Kindle format?

    Best wishes, Richard

    • It's not, at the moment, but either Amazon or Lambert Academic Publishing can be approached about that. Let me know if you think that would be important to try. Thanks for your interest!


      • I guess I'll be "seeing" you in May. Must I wait until then to buy the book??  :)

  • Congratulations Darlene!!! Fascinating topic and one that I hope will catch the imaginations (and purchases) of many of our members. You might want to email Bonnie Bright about possibly adding your book to our book club list. Again, congratulations and joy.


    • Thanks, Ed! I signed up to host Bonnie's club for May--if that month happens to be available.  What fascinates me about the topic is that so many authors write about the meaning of dreams, while I decided to focus on their function--most particularly related to psychospiritual development.  Psychospirituality is my primary area of interest because my orientations are Jungian and transpersonal.  My own emergence came through dreamwork, so it made sense to me to research how this has worked for others as well. Additionally, I was especially intrigued with the aspect of dream-like experiences, such as visions, daydreams, etc., which has not been studied as much as dreams have been--so it really was quite enriching for me as well. I hope others will find a similar experience with the book.

      I notice Michael Conforti is on this list.  I wonder how I would contact him about doing a review of the book for your online journal. I attended his Assisi Seminar several years ago and had a couple of crucial experiences there that fit right in with my themes, including an astounding synchronicity. In fact, I ended up doing an article in this area for another online journal.  One thing leads to another, as usual!


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