Embodying Osiris

I am very pleased to announce that after a year since the publication of Embodying Osiris, the Secrets of Alchemical Transformation, my book is back again on Amazon's best seller list, today #73. This is a Jungian, alchemical analysis of the Osiris myth.I will be tending May book club which focuses on this incredible myth and Alchemical Psychology. Please consider joining us!

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  • Thanks for sharing, Thom! I got the book not long after it was published last year and I have to say it's outstanding. For anyone who is considering the Book Club, just do it! We have a wonderful but limited opportunity to have Thom's time and attention for the month of May. Even if you don't have the book, there's much learning to be had bu simply following the discussion and commenting on anything that occurs to you until you get your order....

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