GREAT cross-cultural conversation today (once the technology gods relented) on James Hillman's Archetypal Psychology between Jungian analysts (and Hillman insiders), Patricia Berry and Gustavo Barcellos.
Huge thanks to the three psychologists (bottom row) who founded the new Brazilian web site, Porto, Camilo Ghorayeb, and Lucas Mattos co-sponsored the event with Depth Alliance. (View a short video on our collaboration together)
Scroll down for an excerpt from the conversation between Gustavo and Patricia.
Here's a short excerpt between Gustavo and Pat:
GB: Polytheistic thinking allows us to differentiate more, to appreciate diversity
PB: Polytheistic means there is a “god” in each of the many points of view. It’s something more than just a point of view; there’s something inspired in it. That’s animistic!GB: There is room for everything. Everything has a place, an archetypal place—even pathology.
PB: When you practice as an archetypal psychologist, you’re also always looking for the spark that goes beyond the pathology—or what the pathology is trying to say, or the god in the pathology. Not that we just leave it there, but we see that. It’s kind of what Jung called a finalistic point of view, although Jung didn’t go far enough.
GB: But Hillman does. Archetypal psychology goes even farther than Jung went. In this finalistic question: it really asks you, “What does this want?” “What does the soul want?”
PB: And the soul is in this thing, whatever this god is in this particular perspective.GB: What is important for me here is the appreciation of diversity. There is room for everything…there is a reason for it. There is a place; there is a logic—it is logical...
PB: … in its own way.
GB: After accepting this idea, we can do psychology, psychotherapy because we can appreciate how things are different. It’s much more interesting to appreciate how different things are than trying to see how equal they might be.
PB: One thing that is important to me as a psychotherapist is not to literalize the myth—the god that’s there…
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