I recently heard  Jung credited as saying "to give birth to the ancients in a new time is creation," though I have no reference for such a statement. I assume this means that the archetypes and deities can return back around again if we invite them and acknowledge them (and maybe do the work to open the way). What would it mean to restore the wisdom of Athena or the beauty of Aphrodite into our core cultural values? Does anyone know where this statement can be found or have other thoughts about it?

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  • Ed: You are so right and point out a critical dimension. Inviting and acknowledging our non-human ancestors and the archetypal energies they carry clearly brings new and powerful energy into our existence. It makes me think about how important it is to live the symbolic life Jung (and others) talk about so those entities--and the wisdom and healing they impart--can be seen and heard. Happy hunting!
    • RATS!!! I must give up the hunt for your quote. Maybe Tome or your own wise psyche??
  • As you have recently taught me to my great benefit, let us not forget our animal ancestors as well.
    I'll do some hunting for the quote. I hunt better at night.
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