Dr. Isabela Granic earned her PhD from the University of Toronto in developmental psychology. She is currently Professor and Chair in the Developmental Psychopathology department at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. She is also co-Founder of The PlayNice Institute, a non-profit organization that develops video games that promote children’s mental health. Her research integrates clinical psychology and developmental neuroscience with the goal of developing innovative interventions for childhood anxiety and depression. Her current research focuses on the positive effects of playing video games, including cognitive, emotional and social benefits. She is driven to bridge developmental science and game design in order to create a suite of evidence-based video games that can be widely disseminated to promote healthy child development and prevent and treat anxiety and depression. Results from Dr. Granic’s research have been published in the highest impact journals in psychology and neuroscience and she is regularly invited to speak about her work at international conferences.

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